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Reflective Fabric

Reflective Fabric
Xing Wei is offering High Reflective T/C Class I/II, High Reflective Polyster Class I/II, ordinary Reflective T/C, Ordinary Reflective Polyster and colorful reflective fabric. In addition, High Reflective T/C and Polyester TYPE I and II reflective fabric respectively passed the Class I and II certification under the European DIN EN471-2003 "Test Standard for retro-reflective clothing". Reflective fabric is mainly used for production of reflective, warning vest and other clothing, over sleeves, helmets, student bags, umbrellas, travel shoes, bags, edge strips, trademarks, etc.
Product Features
- Superior abrasion resistance, bending resistance, temperature resistance and good resistance for washing
- Superior retro-reflective and angle performance.
- Reflective material fabrics sew easily onto other fabrics and can be can be embroidered or screen-printed for patches and emblems.
Specifications and Form Supplied
According to the requirements of customers, reflective fabric can be cut into strips of various specifications, the length per roll is 100-200m; Retro-reflective fabric can also be shipped in rolls, the width is 1-1.25m, the length of per roll is 50-100 meters and the length per roll shall not exceed 200m.
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