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Provincial External Officers Survey and Examine Our Company

The deputy county chief of the county government Guanghan Hu, the county development zone director Daijun  Mei and the county external office director Xiang Yunan, accompany with the provincial external office deputy director Lu youqin, the economy division director, deputy division director Hu Qing and the city external office director Anna Yao survey our company. The chairman Wei Chen receives the survey team enthusiastically. The survey team visits the factory construction, release paper plant and glass bead plant, understands the investment of our company, the factory area construction, labor, production and sales in detail. The chairman Wei Chen reports it to the survey team one by one, and describes the quality and purpose of our products in detail, as well as current operating situation of our company. The chairman Chen Wei thanks the director ork.Lu Youqin to survey our company, and wish to get more help and support in the subsequent year.