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City NPC Leaders Visit Our Xing Wei Company

The city NPC visiting mission with more than ten members view our company under the leading of the deputy director Jinru Xiang, accompanied by the county deputy director of NPC Ke Yong. The visiting mission visits the glass bead production workshop, the streamline production of the trial production workshop for the release paper plant and the retro-reflective sheet plant under the accompanying of the chairman Chen Wei and director of the county land taxation bureau Zizheng Cao and listens to the production report and introduction to products from the chairman Wei Chen. Furthermore, the visiting mission asks the production and sales of our company in detail, recognizes the planning and construction of the factory building, the purchase and installation of the equipment, the production and trial production of products within a short period of time. What’s more, the visiting mission wishes our company pull together to exert excellent benefit as soon as possible and contribute to the economic development of our city. The deputy director Jinru Xiang expresses that NPC will try to support and help to coordinate with various service works if our company suffers from any trouble or is required to support in the production and development in future. The chairman Wei Chen expresses the gratitude to the deputy director Jinru Xaing for this.