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Bengbu Glass Industry cluster development industry chain is basically formed

www.cnreflectivematerial.comIn the afternoon of March 30, the vice chairman of the Federation of Industries of Taiwan, Taiwan Glass Industry Association chairman, chairman of Taiwan Glass Industrial Company Lin Bofeng rate Taiwanese business delegation to Bengbu study visit. Bengbu City, led by Chen Qitao Chunyu, Cao Long Can the city government Secretary-General Wu Zhongyao cordial meeting with the Linbo Feng and his party.
    Bengbu City in recent years, efforts to play the High Refractive Glass Beads Index 2.20 advantages of Hefei, Wuhu mussels innovation policy reform pilot area and actively expanding, deepening foreign strategic cooperation to accelerate High Intensity Grade Reflective Film the pace of development of the glass industry, initially formed by ordinary glass, photovoltaic glass, display glass, glass materials and glass equipment as the representative of the pattern of industrial development, the glass industry, the annual High Intensity Grade Reflective Sheeting output value has reached over 30 billion. The glass industry has 21 industrial enterprises above designated size 9, the national high-tech enterprises, provincial innovative enterprises (pilot) 2. Introduction of enterprises such as the Sanxin solar company, construction of the touch screen glass production lines, the introduction of the Sheng Optical Technology Co., Ltd. Huayi Gong Division. Support the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, nurturing Huayang ultra-fine powder of new technology companies and other enterprises; leading enterprises to build the Huaguang Glass Group, the introduction of Huaqiang glass technology companies and other enterprises, development Chaoyang Glass Machinery Co., Ltd. and other enterprises, Bengbu Glass industry industry chain has been basically formed.
Bengbu glass industry has cultivated a number of competitive products, the main line to the thin-film solar cell substrate glass - TCO coated glass - solar cell cover glass industry development chain, built Nissan 550 tons of ultra clear float glass, 900 million weight cases white cover glass, 60 megawatts of thin-film solar cell production line, with an annual output of 400,000 m2 TCO thin film solar cell glass production line debugging basically ended. Glass side, the upstream industry to fill the 0.55mm and 0.33mm ultra-thin electronic glass blank domestic production technology, the first domestic production of 150 tons of oxy-fuel electronic information display ultra-thin substrate production line started construction, ultra-thin electronic glass products, technology , equipment localization; completion of an annual output of 25 million, the scale of the world's first ITO conductive film glass production base with an annual output of 1.3 million capacitive touch screen with a conductive film glass project is accelerating construction. Downstream industries, multi-point capacitive touch screen and other fields has been gathering the Sunway International and other enterprises. Application areas, Sunway International and American ViewSonic partnership Anhui constant light communication technology companies settled in Bengbu City, e-books, tablet computers and other terminal project is to accelerate the product. Glass powder materials, Bengbu City with superfine zirconium silicate annual production capacity of 7000 tons, 6000 tons spherical quartz powder, 6,000 tons of production capacity of electrolytic zirconia has become one of the China's largest high-purity of ultrafine zirconium silicate production base.
    Arrange special funds for independent innovation Bengbu City in recent years, more than 1300 million to support the creation of a number of countries float glass technology Key Laboratory of glass technology R & D center. Bengbu City has 14 glass industry research and development testing platform, provides a powerful technical support for the rapid development of the glass industry. Master international leading ITO conductive film glass production technology, ultra-thin electronic information display glass production technology to fill the gaps. Master ITO glass substrate production technology, the glass microspheres iron embossed technology Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award. Developed high refractive index glass beads, the spherical quartz powder production technology and equipment to domestic first high purity electrolytic zirconia and superfine zirconium silicate products achieve import substitution, technology has reached the international advanced level. The first to grasp the full oxygen combustion technology, independent research and development of the glass furnace flue gas desulfurization technology, master of international standard glass outfits production technology, successfully developed China's first the Shuangqiao vertical precision glass cutting tables, built a domestic only deep curvature glass cutting machine production line.

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