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Shenyang garage of a residential building irrigation 5 "name brand oil"

Residents in a 20 square meters floor garage, that we should be able to create the oil of five well-known brands, including Shell, the Great Wall, Mobil, Kunlun, Bluestar. Recently, the Trade and Industry Bureau of Yuhong District, according to a report from the masses, three occult vehicle marking Tape in a residential area is specialized in the manufacture of fake brand of motor oil and antifreeze black dens all take away, the scene and seized large quantities of refined oil, antifreeze and counterfeiting tools. It is understood Advertisement Grade Reflective Sheeting that the three dens are parties to the Tong a fraud place. Tong from Xinmin small refineries bought in bulk oil Commercial Grade Reflective Film through a plastic tube put into the sub-bought brand oil bucket, anti-counterfeit labels affixed Finally, gland packing, sold for a small car repair shop.
The counterfeiters "Jiaotusanku end
Mr. Sun, who lives in the Yuhong District's public usually changing the oil in the 4S shop. Pre-Spring Festival, he in a roadside car repair shop for a barrel of Shell Oil. Told him some time ago, a friend to help him check the car engine, he's serious engine wear, suspected of using low-quality oil. Mr. Sun surprise I soon think that to change the engine oil at roadside shops. Subsequently, Mr. Sun this reflected in the Shell manufacturers and the the Yuhong District Industrial and Commercial Bureau.
Yuhong District Trade and Industry Bureau attaches great importance to, and in the early to do a careful investigation. Understood that in Yuhong District Shaling streets Lantai village, Yuhong streets Tin Man Village and and Thai the Metro Yijuminlou garage, often the same individuals access and delivery of various brands of motor oil. Reporter with the Second Battalion of Yuhong District Trade and Industry Bureau to monitor law enforcement officers find three hidden dens, control and parties Tong. Law enforcement officers first entered Lantai village garage of a residential building, the garage area of ​​about 20 square meters. Reporters on the scene saw a dozen red and blue tin vat placed on the ground, stood next to a few meters long plastic tube and a scale inside corner of the new empty oil drums and cardboard boxes piled. Tong, identified here is the oil of false base. Tong from Xinmin, a small oil refineries bought at a low price oil in bulk, and then through the plastic tube put into the sub-bought various brands of machine oil drums, and anti-counterfeit labels affixed gland, spray on the production date, final sealing. Tong to an account of points onto the packing, the whole process takes 20 minutes. It is understood that the garage is mainly responsible for the production of finished products are stacked in a warehouse.
What little garage name brand oil can be produced
Subsequently, the reporter went to the garage of Yuhong streets Shen road and Thai Metro Area 146-4, here is the finished oil storage places. The Arrayed inside various brands of motor oil and antifreeze. In addition, the site also found a coder, printed brand tape and frozen words experimental apparatus. The Yuhong District Industrial and Commercial Bureau to monitor the Second Battalion the captain Mengjing people told reporters that preliminary statistics, the discovery of oil in the garage Shell, the Great Wall, Mobil, Kunlun and Bluestar five brand brand basically encompasses the largest domestic oil product brand. According to Tong, an account of these brands outside the box of oil, empty barrel, bottle caps, anti-counterfeit labels and fraud tools he bought from the Internet, shipping merchants in Hebei.
In a wall of the garage, next to them the two huge plastic bucket, which blob of clear, colorless liquid, a plastic tube protruding from the inside resting on the ground. The Tong to an account of which is to create a false antifreeze tools, plastic bucket filled with running water. Subsequently, the business of law enforcement officers found in the coffers of red, green two pigments powder and bags of sodium saccharin. Tong said that a certain, very simple fact, manufacturing antifreeze, is to tap against a certain percentage of alcohol, and then pour the red, green two pigments powder against the blue material, and finally adding sodium saccharin, a barrel in the automotive repair Factory priced at tens of dollars antifreeze made.
It is understood that the normal ingredient of antifreeze inside is ethylene glycol, but the price of this raw material more expensive 9000 yuan per ton, and the use of alcohol instead, two-thirds of the cost savings per tonne as long as 3,000 yuan. The reason plus saccharin sodium, containing ethylene glycol antifreeze has a sweet taste, in order to prevent an expert in the inspection to see through, he had to add sodium saccharin muddle through. Found at the scene, the Great Wall brand of antifreeze and Blue Star.
The brand brochure able real ones
The garage of a residential building located in Yuhong Tian Min street village, the Tong a third manufacturing bases here for the piling up of raw materials. Reporters at the scene found the box of a large number of brand motor oil and antifreeze, empty drums, as well as more than ten barrels of raw materials have not yet unopened barrels. Addition, the industrial and commercial law enforcement officers still here found the Tong a printed brand motor oil and antifreeze publicity pictures and proxy materials. Shell manufacturers strike force field examination identified, these materials are fake, but solely from the point of view these materials, absolutely real, most people will certainly be difficult to identify.
The strike force, said the brand from the scene oil packaging and anti-counterfeit labels, a higher degree of simulation, in addition to the manufacturers, it is difficult to see fake, but they will instantly recognize. "We are manufacturers of machine oil drums and packaging are ordered from abroad, is fundamentally different from the material." This strike force picked up a counterfeit security logo of Shell Oil told reporters, followed by two strings of numbers, a string of Logistics code, a string for the security code, does not look genuine distinction. In fact, genuine Shell oil barrel has a unique security code, and recorded on the customer's computer in the country. Consumer to identify true and false, simply by the National Customer Service Tel logistics code inform, if it is true, will be displayed in the National Customer Service computer security code fake can not be displayed.
Most of the fake oil flowing into the car repair shop
According to an account of Tong, he originally played in an oil refinery workers, but pay too little, have given rise to the idea of ​​manufacturing of counterfeit oil and antifreeze profiteering. According to statistics, as of now, Tong an illegal sales of about 30 million, seized at the scene of the product value of the case is about 6 million. It is understood that, in order to save money, none of the Tong a three dens employ others, from production to sale, completed by him. A, Tong said, his production of counterfeit brand motor oil and antifreeze are mainly sold to small car repair shop, because about three percent cheaper than the real price, it is very popular.
Shell manufacturers strike force, told reporters that the dangers of low-grade oil, not only fail to achieve normal maintenance kilometers, but will also wear the engine, likely to cause sudden failure endangering safety. Once the accident, the owner can not get the vehicle manufacturers promise the after-sales service. Private car owners in the choice of oil have to go to a regular store or 4S shop to buy.

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