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The car big run resurfacing: Body change color film process

With the development of China's auto market, the pursuit of individual young owners is also increasing. This phenomenon has led to the rise of China's car modification industry. The early car modification mainly to enhance power, improve retroreflective material handling mainly, and this requires a lot of financial support, "modified car" in the eyes of many people is out of reach.
Look from 2010 began, the young and trendy owners of a family to find a new vehicle marking Tape manifestation of self-personality, body change color film, We often say that the body is resurfacing. This modification usually change the appearance of the body color, or texture, including the color of the interior, to improve the aesthetics of the car, and a sense of luxury. Under the premise of the original performance based, body peels, both to ensure the safety performance of vehicles, can also achieve the aesthetic effect, so we also call these cars "SHOW CAR.
Vehicle Painting
Mentioned in the body color changing mainstream Advertisement Grade Reflective Sheeting have painting, the film (body coated), painted several. The painting process is we are all very familiar with the original car's paint is sprayed on the body of the vehicle, we mainly to introduce second, also in recent years become popular film modified. Course, painting and film has its own advantages and disadvantages, in the article, we will detail the difference between the two, if you are interested, you can be modified according to their needs.
The film converted Audi R8 sports car
Body film process is to enter the market in recent years, and that is a high performance vinyl film affixed to the body surface with special processing simple One advantage of this process compared to painting, that is, when you feel the body color do not like or want to restore the original car color directly tear the body coating can be, and no damage to the original paint,, better texture coating products, can even play a protective role. Use inkjet form you want to restore the original color, once again, the car re-sprayed into the original color, the cost of higher costs will be greatly reduced, and preserving the value of the modified spray paint cars, so the film changed color is quite easy compared.
The foil change color introduced
We visited the MC film converted factory in Beijing, magic color field shooting, and here you can see the the the film (body coated) change color process, intuitive understanding. First of all, you want to pick a favorite color for your car, foil body changed color all types of process colors, for example, we take this magic color MC change color factory, will provide you with the four major categories, including points as: light, matte, plating, imitation carbon fiber material. And, according to our understanding of late also added transparent paint protection film, as well as a "chameleon" body film. The so-called "chameleon" is in different angles and different light, body color can present two different colors.
Hood graffiti coating
Of course, in addition to provide you with a variety of colors, you can according to their preferences and optionally customize drape. You simply like pattern to the factory technicians will be painted designs converted to vector case file, it is easy to zoom in or out, and then according to the location where you want to add to the body of the vehicle, change color paste.
By our understanding, is currently used in the body to change the color of the high-performance vinyl film is roughly divided into two kinds of domestic and imported, and we visited this magic color MC converted factory can provide the the German the CFC net importer film, as well as the magic color MC factory in the German foundry own brand film two. The texture of the film is also divided into two, for example, a net importer of German CFC film is divided into of CFC200 models and CFC400 model. The difference is that of CFC400 this film plastic surface with air back slot.
This detail is too small, we can not shoot effect, but after we understand, there is a the air backflow slot CFC400 film paste process bubbles, the bubbles can easily extruded from the edge, so to ensure the smoothness of the coating. CFC200 film not have this backflow grooves, need professionals with a scraper to the air in the bubbles in the extrusion, or by using ultrafine needlestick a vent, the air bubbles in the extruder.
Nissan Tiida sedan after the film changed color
A 200,000 price family car, for example, if your basic selection of German imports of CFC film the whole car price around 10,004 yuan, the warranty period is 5 years, if you choose domestic brands, the texture is better the price of the whole car at 7,000 yuan, the warranty period of 3 years. Same brand light color and matte color are basically the same price, imitation carbon fiber texture of the film will be 50% more expensive than ordinary film, but the professional and technical personnel of the tuner recommends Either texture coating, try not to use the washing machine washing because the washing machine bristles force, easy to scratch the coating.
Electroplating is a separate special material coating and paste plating color film of high technical requirements, the main reason is because there is no tension and elasticity plating film for tailoring requirements are very high, and electroless plating texture is very special, very easy to scratch, so choose this electric coating modification are generally high-end car.
Plating film changed color Nissan GTR sports car Lamborghini sports car
Generally a Porsche sports car full vehicle plating coating price $ 10-15 million, the price is actually relatively expensive, and the strong body reflective plating, a greater impact on other drivers line of sight of the road driving, so we do not recommend that you modified such Plating color.
The foil change color process
In the conversion process, this film changed color painting much simpler than the first painting on the ambient temperature is very high demands painting before you want the car original paint polished off, through a variety of processing the body finishing flat, then spray paint. Film recolor relatively simple and can be completed directly covered in the original paint surface. The general painting time is about four days, which also include the drying time of the paint, if the temperature conditions are poor, spray paint to change the color of the car, probably in a week or so before they can hit the road.
Coating change color, construction time is about 1-2 days can be completed, the manufacturers generally can promise 3 days will be diverted to a good car to the customer, so the contrast the the painting modified color terms, the time period of the coating change color very short, and the ambient temperature requirements are also not paint so high.
Paint changed color, film changed color the same need in a dust-free workshop, the main tools include high performance vinyl film sticker, electric heating hair, cutter, and scraper. The foil process will try to avoid demolition of these relatively small part of your original car parts, degreasing lid, door handles, as well as cars and other standard.
Coating change the color of the entire process you need to paste a color film, the size of the body, roof, doors, engine cover, front and rear bumpers, cutting, and heating electrical heating and hair, making the coating the inner surface of the plastic qualitative melt, resulting in sticky, then smooth the shop in the location you need to paste. After scraper extrusion coated inside with the body between the bubbles, and then use the knife to remove the excess film side of the edge, the last scraper in the same direction sequence edge pressed flat.
Entire film process looks very simple, but very demanding process level, because the entire film process to use box cutters, workers in the cutting edge to be very careful so as not to scratch your paint, and this process is as mobile phone film the same reason, and to avoid the emergence of bubbles, to ensure the smoothness of your body, if bubbles workers for the first time with a scraper bubble heal.
Interior imitation carbon fiber texture coating
This coating change color can not only be applied to the car's appearance modification can also change the color of the interior parts, we see in this picture, in the position of the door handles and other imitation carbon fiber texture material is coated adhesive up The sense of movement is very strong.
Many users may be questioned, this film will not damage the original paint, and then the tear film after the car if there will be a large number of more than gum, what effect the paint? Specifically to find a is to change the color of the Porsche sports car, the car is the original paint color is black, the late owner of the car changed to a light blue foil, matte white film is currently being replaced, we found in the car's rear wing When light blue coating tear glial.
After technicians restored original luster and texture when used in addition to the wipe of glue, paint, and staff we will be doubled when the paste is not high due to the flatness of the position of the rear wing of the car, as well as door handles, baking, to ensure that the firm, will be the emergence of more than glue, but the flat parts of the column, such as doors, roof, etc. is not this is the case, the tear will be very neat.
This picture, we can see the black part of the Porsche sports car is the original paint, white part of being pasted matte white coating. Owners before used blue coating about 1 year, so we can see the original paint gloss coating tore off basically to maintain the original level, so be sure that the posts of the coating color quality clearance will not damage the paint, but businessmen said, if you are late to re-spray paint the position, can not guarantee the same firm as the original, and merchants recommend that you change the color of the factory looking for professional and technical personnel to tear up the old film, so if residual glial staff can clean up for you.
For the body to change color in terms of the film changed color more convenient than the direct spray paint changed color, but no direct long service life of the paint in the life of the film changed color comparison and laminating change the color of the car wash, and aftercare maintenance have some special requirements on As the paintwork waxing. This change the color scheme is more suitable for the car to catch up with the trend of people, in the short term will frequently change body color modified car players. But in terms of interior change color, I personally think that the film changed color in this way is very appropriate. Whichever you choose, change the color mode, we are prompted to you, be sure to choose the excellent quality and refit accessories, and excellent technology tuner to be modified.

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