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Motor vehicles operating on security conditions ban paste mirror reflective film

Currently, the latest revision of the operation of motor vehicles safety technical conditions implemented, in which the motor vehicle tires, car windows, seat belts and other higher operational safety technical requirements. On August 31, the relevant reflective material person in charge of the provincial traffic police corps vehicles at the interpretation of some provisions of the new conditions ".
    Film to the glass transmittance greater than 70%
    New "conditions" provisions: the visible light transmittance of the glass in the windscreen and High Refractive Glass Beads other than windscreens for parts of the driver as the area ratio should be greater than or equal to 70%. All window glass may not post sun film reflective mirror. Highway buses, tourist buses and school bus window glass visible light transmittance should be greater than or equal to 50%, and may not be posted opaque and color on paper, with no mirror reflective materials and insulation paper.
    According to High Refractive Index Glass Beads the provincial traffic police corps vehicles at Zhang Dongyan chief, "the glass other than windscreens for driver viewport site" refers to the driver used to observe the rearview mirror site. As alone rearview mirror observed "dead", it is sometimes necessary to see through the window glass to road conditions, and therefore must have a high transmittance glass block windows and deputy cab.
    A lot of people like to paste the dark sun film or reflective effect of solar film and not let outside people to see inside the car to protect the privacy of the car. Dark sun film visible transmittance is very low, not easy for the driver to see the road, likely to result in danger. Solar film, the role of the surface with a reflective mirror next to the vehicle and pedestrian way until the line of sight, affect safe driving. Affixed Solar Films vehicles will not pass a safety inspection.
    Reporters learned from auto beauty market, regular factory production car with a solar film to achieve a new "conditions" in light transmittance greater than 70% of the indicators. Unqualified shade film, mostly cheap, low quality, poor quality sun film.
    Change car standard will not be able to pass the vehicle inspection
    New "conditions" provisions: the modification or repair of motor vehicles are not allowed on the vehicle identification number (or vehicle car model and serial number), engine Model and factory number, part number, product label, the engine identification such as vehicle flag cover (occlusion), polished, Wabu gasket processing and perforated, drilling, and other destructive operation.
    "A lot of people like to convert a vehicle around Vehicle Administration so before the modification of the appearance of the vehicle, and there is not much in the safety inspection provisions of Rules but the new conditions under a lot of rules, the owners need to pay special attention to, not modified vehicles can not pass a vehicle inspection. Zhang Dongyan said. It is reported that if the owner of the car standard for simple decoration, and will not affect the vehicle inspection. But if the car standard is replaced with the behavior of other brands, will not pass inspection car.
    Dedicated school buses should be fitted with tubeless radial tires
    New "condition," states: highway buses, tourist buses and school bus wheels and steering wheel of a motor vehicle shall not be fitted with retreaded tires. Dedicated school buses should be fitted with tubeless radial tires, hazardous cargo truck and car longer than 9 meters passenger cars should be fitted with radial tires.
    According to reports, many small garage often provide customers with retreaded tires, which is very dangerous behavior. The tires have a certain period of use, old tires pattern bald renovation will get another thin tires, to carve new pattern, so that the tire overall thinning durability will be much worse, easily punctured tires lead to dangerous. The radial tire is more durable, commonly known as "steel tires, the most obvious sign is the letters" R "in the tire.
    Road passenger vehicle driving recorder must be installed
    In addition, new "conditions" also stipulates that all school bus, highway bus and tourist bus, bus passengers standing area not set dangerous cargo truck, semitrailer tractor and the total mass of greater than or equal to 12,000 kg truck should be installed with a recording , store, display, print or output of vehicle speed, time, mileage and other vehicle status information traveling data recorder.
Highway buses, tourist buses shall be fitted with speed limiting device, and speed limiting device setting maximum speed of not more than 100 km, should also have the speed alarm function; highway passenger car longer than 9 meters, the tourist bus should be set at least two a passenger door, in order for passengers to escape in the event of an accident; addition, it has added the additional requirements of the disabled car.
    Special school buses and specially used to shuttle students to the upper and lower school of non-dedicated school car of each student seating (chair) should be installed car seat belts; the front of the special school buses should be using collision safety structure; school bus all wheels shall not use retreaded tires; school bus shall set outside the car top luggage rack; school bus windows shall paste some colored paper or thermal paper; school bus shall be equipped with a unified school bus lights and parking signage.

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