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Cultivation and management - Fuji apple laying the reflective film hyperchromic technology

Fruit color is one of the key indicators of the reflective film quality of the apple appearance recent years, applications orchards laying reflective film technology, full hongguo rate reached 87%, with an average income over 1500 yuan per 667 square meters, and has made significant economic benefits.
A reflective film to promote fruit coloring principle
Orchards laying reflective film reflective film on the reflection reflective sheeting of the sun radiation, to improve the entire orchard crown bore, branches and other parts of the lower skirt light conditions, so that these parts of the fruit, especially the fruit is not easy coloring parts (such as the calyx depression Terrier depression) fully colored, increase the number of full-red berries, and thus to improve the appearance quality of Apple.
2. Reflective membrane selection
Generally reflective film (two-way PET) aluminum foil material. This reflective fabric film reflective rate of up to 70% to 80%, can be used continuously for more than two years.
3. Laying method
3.1 time bagging orchard generally go bag 3 to 5 days after the, no bagging orchard should be carried out one month before harvest. Yantai City, usually in late September to early October.
3.2 preparations ① clear the weeds on the ground, stones, sticks, tree consolidation flat iron rake, a slight slope outside the high, low to prevent the accumulation of water; ② bagging orchard want to go to the bag after laying ④ crown bore canopy branches, mopping the floor under the skirt sticks and pick leaves turn fruit; ③ go bag before to laying identical spray again fungicides, mainly water preparation bactericidal drugs; and shading serious long sticks can be properly trimmed, including the method of retraction and Thinning let out of the optical path. 3.3 Methods robust, high management level Red Fuji orchard tree laying reflective film. Shop, Shop on both sides of the canopy down to the tree line, the outer edge of the outer edge of the canopy of reflective film alignment. When laying the scroll of the reflective film is put in one end of the orchard, then backward, the film rolled slowly expand, and at any time with a brick or other object laminated to prevent wind the film moving, the lamination of clay, do Do not dirty the reflective film, so as not to affect the results. Filming be careful not to pierce the membrane.
Reflective film covered with 3.4 shop management, pay attention to regular checks, encountered windy weather or rain should promptly take measures to pave the blowing reflective film membrane soil, deciduous, water clean up, to ensure The actual effect. The membrane before harvest clean properly preserved in order to prepare for the coming year and then.

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