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DaBing the changes of market who can "spell" out of the future

The rapid development of China's electronics industry DaBing joining together to appear put several premier league clubs, schools of thought contend scene. No matter the home or the overseas enterprise "had" China has a huge market of the future. Because domestic joining together DaBing enterprise started late, a considerable number of market share has been international brand occupies, such as: samsung, panasonic, SONY, JVC, LG, etc. In order to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, also appeared a batch of certain strength of domestic manufacturers, such as nanjing the emperor, guangdong ring stone,vehicle marking Tape zhuhai stone, etc, they break was joining together DaBing market by foreign enterprise monopoly pattern. 2000 years later, the domestic joining together DaBing industry began rapid development, the high end in DaBing market positioning of domestic enterprises have to independent research and development of technology, for the domestic market DaBing earn higher market share, the products used to some large domestic projects.

Big screen mosaics system has become the mainstream of the video shows China scheme. To this, the insiders think, the future of the world is a visualization of the world, video systems in different work for the extremely important role, safety monitoring, commercial display, meeting, the film and television entertainment office big screen video system has become a reality needs. Especially with the network and information technology continuous upgrades, video system increasingly shows its function of the strong, not only improve work efficiency and save many expenses. At present all walks of life big screen video system are in demand stage, including more outstanding, such as government agencies, energy mining, commercial display, traffic monitoringEngineering Grade Reflective Sheeting, entertainment media, big screen video system every field of purchasing demand will continue to grow, this directly to boosting the competition between DaBing joining together, LCD, DLPHigh Intensity Grade Reflective Film, PDP mainly three video display system of each in its advantage technical sharpness highlight, competing in the market DaBing joining together, forming a tripartite confrontation of power.

A, LCD, DLP, PDP performance comparison

DLP projectors joining together with its "almost no" sew to smile ao DaBing joining together market. Arguably the best DLP is joining together display technology, but it every year thousands of dollars in light bulb consumables consumption let many customers unable, relative to the operation of the system of risk and customer application of trival, this is the most vital weakness, users also have no way out. But don't need a large number of consumables solve the LCD joining together, let DLP was born and could only watch and were left feeling useless. It is super narrow side of liquid crystal Mosaic d-will,Reflective flame retardant fabric let a person can't help have "since living yu he2 sheng's bright" flies. But after continuous efforts, the recent DLP launched LED light source, make a new DLP joining together competition vitality.

Compared with the traditional DLP joining together, LCD products with high definition, wide viewing angles, high brightness, long life by numerous advantages of rapid customers to recognize, for the market to accept. Relative to the DLP joining together, the service life of the LCD is long, and power is low,China High Refractive Glass Beads Manufacturer heat is not big, failure rate is very low, these are all DLP projectors joining together wall cannot. But, because of liquid crystal in the process of joining together products in joining together can't avoid the joining together of aperture, this in the blocked LCD joining together the development of the market.

But in recent years, with samsung SID as the leading enterprises and in reducing the gap on r&d joining together. In the first half of 2009, samsung introduced a 7.3 mm juncture LCD joining together wall, in the market achieved very good results; In the second half, samsung and immense, achieve the minimum the 6.7 mm bilateral joining together juncture, the ultra narrow side the appearance of the products for liquid crystal Mosaic Mosaic of market share and manufacturers have been substantially increase the number. In the second half of 2010, samsung and or tempers rise, introduced a 5.3 mm ultra narrow side 55 inch LCD screen, stable in DaBing joining together the important role of the field, has wanted to be DaBing joining together dominates the market.

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