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Jinan: CheJian paster have standard light transmittance to over seventy percent

According to shandong radio and TV station channel television life for life "help" report, summer is coming, many drivers friends to heat insulation, in the glass on the bus on the skin. Post later, it is actually pretty dark, the results of the car was told not qualified. Reporters take you into today CheJian line, tell you how to correct the skin, a CheJian through.

At nine this morning, the reporter in jinan vehicle testing lines see, nearly seventy cars waiting for detection of car, have queued up long team.

Having AnZhiYang, "including his headlamps, fog lamps, reflective fabricthe car, the tripod and fire extinguisher is necessary, this is to check." Having said, the vehicles in the test in a certain not qualified, all need to go back to rearrange back waiting in line, and in all the testing, the most problems is the automobile patch can not reach the light transmittance.

Examiner: "he this glass reflective film is not standard, the reflective film must achieve glass completely, seventy percent, his claim to the reflective film tear to testing."vehicle marking Tape Officials said that many drivers in the post is a car heat insulation membrane that takes heat insulation shading, and failed to take into account the shading affect both the drive line of sight, caused many unsafe factors.

According to CheJian requirements, like mirror reflective heat insulation membrane is strictly prohibited, having said that, just look at the color of the heat insulation membrane of depth, it is difficult to identify light transmittance is qualified.

Excuse LiCheng of SunJing: "why did the glass than this looks to shallow, why this completely to low, you see it? The appearance and mirror."

Having said, from safety into consideration,High Intensity Grade Reflective Sheeting suggest the driver friends in the post heat insulation membrane, must ensure that the driver side and front view clear field, and the best CheJian department to examine whether the heat insulation film light transmittance can achieve seventy percent above.

LiCheng excuse SunJing director, said "patch must choose the right material, suggest the driver friend don't post too deep, especially don't post the surface of the mirror paster."

In order to security best is not the skin,High Refractive Glass Beads Index 1.93 but want to heat insulation of words, try to choose clear, a slight shading, stick it's dark, until the evening, right turns what also can't see.


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