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« 3D interactive projection and touch screen flanked electronic whiteboard Jinan: CheJian paster have standard light transmittance to over seventy percent »

The old film new film on car is unfavorable post "two PiLian"

The weather warmed, and the sun is more and more intense, some vehicles posted earlier film appear fade, in order to let CheMo become deeper in order to achieve the effect of temperature reducing shadinHigh Refractive Index Glass Beadsg, some owners will choose again on this foundation put a layer of film.

Experts don't suggest posted two membranes, because of the film is to stick glue glass design, can't guarantee two layer membranes in between paste, and the second film may be stuck prison immediately the first layer membrane, let a person too late will two membranes of moisture in extrusion, and then have a bubble. In fact,Advertisement Grade Reflective Sheeting CheMo color to the depth of the insulating performance and not too much influence, because the CheMo heat insulation, mainly through the heat of the sun, cut off in the layer carry on reflection heat,High Refractive Glass Beads Index 2.20 so as to cut off heat in the car. In general, the higher the glance rate, the higher the rate of heat insulation. But high reflective will give car ride brings great security hidden danger.

The expert reminds, buy in CheMo,Color Reflective Fabric we should pay attention CheMo quality, not the color depth. Note that, according to relevant regulations, all before the car block film visible light transmittance must be greater than 70%, otherwise, it will affect the driver's line of sight, cause traffic hidden trouble.

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