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Old yellow! The laptop screen sep something

On a laptop, it display screen is its "face", and "face" if anyone is not hanged so bad, but in when purchasing notebook except when we check without scoring, reflective film without the screen display window outside the dark spots quickly buy. In addition, in use process most users are not how to maintain the screen, and even some friends the use environment reflective sheeting of very bad, notebook screen to the service life of the affected.


Each new glass or future building materials market will be popular

Along with the construction energy conservation policy intensified efforts, building standardization management standard and glass industry, increase the level of science and technology,High Intensity Grade Reflective Film energy saving, safety glass and glass environmentalHigh Refractive Glass Beads Index 2.20 protection glass will in the future architectural topping, play more and more big effect.


High-tech crystallization force beauty nano projection screen create wonderful world

Are you still in for "ordinary projection screen using the reflection of the reflection in a single material, no optical design reflection appear on the diffuse phenomenon, lead to vehicle marking Tape serious distortion of color brightness not enough" distress; Are you still in the dream of having a vice "clear, three-dimensional rich details performance" of the projection screen; Commercial Grade Reflective Film Are you still immersed in the "vivid reduction every moment of yearning" in! Now, their top projection screen manufacturing factory will provide you with "may be the best of you seen the brush and coating, high polymer material science high-tech crystallization"-force beauty nano projection screen.


Came early: low altitude road lighting quality evaluation system

1 introduction

Before, in some large overpasses ramp lighting and urban landscape bridge lighting project, people have tried to wall lamp in place of the traditional lever type road lighting made the street lamp. Such as Shanghai pudong airport overpass ramp (high pressure sodium), suzhou officer in mudu overpass (high pressure sodium), reflective film wuxi rong lake bridge (metal halide lamp),reflective sheeting kunshan jade peak bridge (fluorescent lamp), etc. This kind of lighting system, in the lower costs, promote the installation and maintenance of visual experience and so on, have received reflective fabric very good result.


About energy storage type shine coatings and preparation

LiuYanGong 1, 2, ChenZhe 1, experience the wei 1

(1 nanchang institute machinery and power engineering, nanchang, jiangxi, 330099; 2. The central south university materials science and engineering college, hunan changsha 410083)


Analysis: 2011 printing machinery industry market ups and downs

According to gongkong ? market research found that 2011 years in the second quarter of printing machinery industry automation products market scale is 155 million yuan, increased by 9.7% month-on-month, three quarters of printing machinery industry automation products market scale is 140 million yuan, annulus comparing fell by 9.4%,High Refractive Glass Beads Index 1.93 and 20.2% lower than the same period in 2010, industrial control index for 82. The main reason is: printing equipment production and export growth focus mainly on printing equipment, Hazard Warning Tape while for the application of automation products more printing equipment in output in mild decline, it leads directly to the automation products market up declined. The national macro Color Reflective Fabric economic control, printing industry also before by the rapid growth of the return to normal gradually, Reflective Heat Transfer Film so annulus comparing also have fallen slightly.


Make good use of natural light to make a surprised agent's works

Natural light is we the photographer nature to the best gift, make good use of natural light can make a surprised agent's works, but also is very light master for how to use good today to introduce some natural light, believe that will help you! In the light of the early morning mist goo goo, often that is a clear day,Engineering Grade Reflective Sheeting tend to have excellent light at conditions.Engineering Grade Reflective Film In this light conditions. Shoot color temperature will be constantly warming, be taken body after golden sunshine illuminate, will become a pleasant warm color to move.


For students make supporting regulations than north American school bus tough measures

Recently, some Chinese Internet users crazy the American school bus PK news pictures hummer win, even a lot of people say "North America than armored vehicles still High Refractive Index Glass Beads strong school", "crashed hummer easy", actually, how much this is overblown.


IPhone will no longer afraid of water nano waterproofing coating to escort

Whatever your mobile phone is one thousand hundreds of yuan's ShaGuaJi, or five, six thousand yuan of really smart phones, as long as fell into the water, is vulnerable to the same end. Water, has been most of the great enemy of the electronic products, but recent technology company successfully develop a reflective film new coating, enough to meet in any water keep your cell phone. Or, then you want to worry about is not the cell phone into the toilet inside, but mobile phones into "material"reflective sheeting inside the toilet after in the ring, want how to answer?


High Brightness LED's "package thermal conductivity," Analysis of the principle technical

   The last LED status indicators can only be used as the era of the package has never been heat, but in recent years, LED brightness, the power to enhance both active and started for backlighting and illumination applications such as electronic post, LED package thermal problem has quietly surfaced.



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