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PDP plasma joining together with LCD joining together DLP joining together contrast

A comparison principle, imaging

A) plasma principle

PDP (PlasmaDisplayPanel), namely the plasma screen.reflective film PDP is a use of gas discharge of display technology, the working principle and fluorescent lamp is very similar. It USES the plasma tube as light emitting components, the screen each plasma tube a corresponding pixels, the screen with glass as boards, substrate interval distance, all around the air tightness sealing make a discharge space, reflective sheeting discharge in space filled with neon, xenon mixing inert gas as a working medium in two pieces of glass substrate on the inside of the coated with metal oxide conductive film as incentive electrode. reflective fabric When the electrodes to join voltagereflective material , the space of the mixed gas discharge occurs plasma discharge phenomenon, also called plasma effect. The gas plasma discharge produce ultraviolet light, excited by the ultraviolet radiation with red, green, High Refractive Glass Beads blue screen of phosphor, the screen emits a visible light,High Refractive Index Glass Beads and show the image. As each color unit realize more gray level 256 mixed color, and realize the color display.


Plastic components coating paint application prospect analysis


(guangdong jiangmen chemical materials company,High Refractive Glass Beads Index 2.20 jiangmen 529100)

Abstract: the article introduces the plastic products coating should possess the properties and application prospect.


Let the car regardless of season: opal nano ceramic car membrane

Now many friends winter bought a new car, but in the choice of paster many questions when, not sure whether can let the winter, whether to need to patch. We will these questions some professionals, Hi

In their first industry-force beauty nano projection screen

Force beauty to the nanometer level hd truecolor optical film, use is unique nano core technology. By a variety of high reflecting made of nanometer powder, is optical, chemistry, metal science, mechanics, physics, liquid interface, multi-layer coatings, printing and polymer material science high-tech crystallization. reflective film Three colors bring to light in vertical wavelength multilayer two sides into the direction, can prevent the lower layers of the two sides optical film optical properties,reflective sheeting almost don't happen color shift, improve the color contrast, reflective fabric won the bright image, is the international projection screen technology breakthroughs and qualitative leap.


In 2011 the fifth suzhou international exhibition of building energy efficiency

2011 the fifth suzhou international building energy efficiency and new building materials exposition

The activity time: November 24-26

Advertisement Grade Reflective Sheeting


Each new glass or future building materials market will be popular

Along with the construction energy conservation policy intensified efforts, building standardization management standard and glass industry, increase the level of science and technology, energy saving,reflective film safety glass and glass environmental protection glass will in the future architectural topping, play more and more big effect.


Depth of electronic board the precise location of mass media testing technology is introduced


A: resistance membrane technology

Resistance membrane technology principle is: High Intensity Grade Reflective Film the electronic board is the basic structure of the multilayer films, including the horizontal resistance film, insulation grid, conductive film, insulation grid, vertical resistance film, High Refractive Glass Beads Index 2.20 film and the combination use of regional sizes. High Refractive Glass Beads Index 1.93 Working principle is in the membrane resistance and a fixed voltage, in no external force, the conductive film not contact resistance film, no voltage is measured, Hazard Warning Tape won't have positioning information reaction. When pressed on the membrane resistance with good thing at some point, the current through the conductive film was read the test circuit, Color Reflective Fabric as from a potentiometer halfway point to a test of change voltage, the voltage with a touch on the position of the point, according to the horizontal and vertical direction from the read voltage,Reflective Heat Transfer Film can touch points corrected for X, Y direction position. Reflective flame retardant fabric Resistive touch screen is a grid scanning realization, features a object pinned membrane surface, can reflect the location of the object pinned.


Why three points frequency is the future of the mainstream of the room speakers?

Why to say "three points frequency is the future of the room speakers mainstream" and "room top grade mark"?

Three points frequency sound box is to point to by the high,vehicle marking Tape medium, or high, low, the super high and so on the different frequency response characteristics of the speaker of the assembly and unit into the band sound box.


Came early: low altitude road lighting quality evaluation system

1 introduction

Before, in some large overpasses ramp lighting and urban landscape bridge lighting project, people have tried to wall lamp in place of the traditional lever type road lighting made the street lamp. Such as Shanghai pudong airport overpass ramp (high pressure sodium), suzhou officer in mudu overpass (high pressure sodium)reflective film , wuxi rong lake bridge (metal halide lamp), kunshan jade peak bridge (fluorescent lamp), etc. This kind of lighting system, in the lower costs, promote the installation and maintenance of visual experience and so on, reflective sheeting have received very good result.


Optical thin film industry looking forward to well-grounded in our country

A cardboard boxes, a sign, a craft dao,vehicle marking Tape this is a roadside stall of all house skin cell phone. Such vendors in the city almost everywhere, especially in the mobile phone store and IT professional sells the door. October 26,, in changping district of Beijing a subway exit before the booth, nearly 10 passerby ask paster prices, which have four people buy the phone paster. Advertisement Grade Reflective Sheeting Vendors according to the citizen first commonly provide mobile phone screen size recommend paster, and then paste, less than five minutes fast.



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