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Safety glass, etc will in the future construction of China

Along with the construction energy conservation policy intensified efforts, building standardization management standard and glass industry, increase the level of science and technology, High Refractive Glass Beads Index 2.20 energy saving, safety glass and glass environmental protection glass will in the future architectural topping, play more and more big effect.


2012 kunshan international screen printing packing industry exhibition invitation

Location: kunshan science and technology culture expo center

Organizers: kunshan city of kunshan city people's government ChuBanJu news radio and television culture

ChengBanFang: Shanghai bo love reading exhibition services Co., LTD


Let the car QuanGongLve teach you how to choose and anti-blast film

It is the major role block uv, cut off part of heat and prevent glass sudden burst of hurt, to happen, and according to the TaiYangMo one-way perspective performance, to protect the privacy of personal purposes. In addition, it can also reduce car items and the personnel for uv radiation of the damage in some areas, to save fuel consumption effect.


Evaluating the Kindle Fire that display performance than iPad 2

Beijing time 21 December morning news, a Display Mate assessment showed that the amazon Kindle Fire screen than the performance and the bookstore's Nook tablet computer and apple iPad 2.

Usually, the size of the liquid crystal display quality would differ, including resolution, luminous way, and display the drive technology, etc. Apple lead in this field, provided the best products. reflective film And some cheap brand is tend to use cheap small size display screen.


Guangzhou, and then check the school bus safety violations of the law has been drastically reduced

To ensure that school bus safety, the prevention of school bus accidents, yesterday morning and evening peak traffic police bureau in the city of Shenzhen to carry out school reflective film bus safety special rectification. The operation, check the 1165 school bus, school bus were seized without a license, school bus safety does not meet the test conditions for rectification of the 5, 20 and other minor traffic offense, the school bus law substantially reduced.


PDP Plasma and LCD LCD DLP splicing splicing splicing contrast

   First, the imaging principle is relatively

    a) plasma theory

    PDP (PlasmaDisplayPanel), Color Reflective Fabric the plasma display. PDP is a display technology using gas discharge, and it works very similar to fluorescent lamps. It uses a plasma tube as a light-emitting element on the screen each plasma tube corresponds to a pixel, screen with glass as a substrate, the substrate a certain distance away, surrounded by airtight sealReflective Heat Transfer Film forming a discharge space, discharge space filled with neon, mixture of xenon and other inert gas as the working medium in the inner surface of two glass substrates coated with metal oxide conductive films for excitation electrode. When added to the electrode voltage, the discharge space of the mixed gas plasma discharge phenomenonReflective flame retardant fabric will occur, also called plasma effect.China Reflective Sheeting Manufacturer Gas plasma discharge generates ultraviolet light, ultraviolet excitation coated with red, green and blue phosphor screen, screen emits visible light, revealing the image. When each unit with 256 levels of gray color after the color mixing, we achieve color display.


U.S. high-tech crystal force projection screen to create the wonderful world of nanotechnology

   You are not still in the "ordinary projection screen using a single reflection reflective material, in the absence of optical design would be a serious reflection on the phenomenon of diffuse reflection, resulting in color distortion, brightness is not enough" and distress; you are not still Engineering Grade Reflective Sheeting have a fantasy. " clear, detail-rich three-dimensional "projection screen; you are not still enveloped in the" realistic restore every wonderful moment, "the longing for being! Here, Engineering Grade Reflective Film evergreen tree top projection High Intensity Grade Reflective Sheeting screen manufacturing facility will provide you "may be the best you've seen the world and brush coating, multi-disciplinary high-tech polymer materials crystallization" - force the United States nano projection screen.

Preparation of solar light can increase the power output

    Production of solar cells, need to make the silicon temperature exceeds 1000 ° C. This process usually requires heating element, will spend a lot of energy.

    A new optical furnace has been developed in Colorado (Colorado) Golden (Golden) National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NationalRenewableEnergyLaboratory),retroreflective material the researchers heated solar wafers, align them to gather light, which is a kinds of more efficient process, only about half the energy cost of traditional stoves. More importantly,vehicle marking Tape this new design with a light to remove some impurities silicon, a step that can improve the finished battery output power.


Promote the application of paint coating plastic components Prospects

Xiao Yan (Guangdong Jiangmen chemical materials company, Jiangmen 529100)

    Abstract: The plastic coating should have the performance and promotion prospects.

    Keywords: plastic; accessories; reflective film coating; coating; coating protection; application


Guangzhou look that school bus safety violations already is greatly reduced

To ensure that school bus safety, prevent the school bus traffic accident, yesterday morning and evening rush hour, shenzhen traffic police bureau in the city school bus safety in special campaigns. Check the school bus 1165 cars of the communist party of China's action, discovered a total school bus permit no 1 Pope, Engineering Grade Reflective Film school bus safety conditions do not conform to the detection of rectification 5 cases, and other light traffic illegal 20 Pope, violations of the school bus is greatly reduced.



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