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Bengbu Glass Industry cluster development industry chain is basically formed

www.cnreflectivematerial.comIn the afternoon of March 30, the vice chairman of the Federation of Industries of Taiwan, Taiwan Glass Industry Association chairman, chairman of Taiwan Glass Industrial Company Lin Bofeng rate Taiwanese business delegation to Bengbu study visit. Bengbu City, led by Chen Qitao Chunyu, Cao Long Can the city government Secretary-General Wu Zhongyao cordial meeting with the Linbo Feng and his party.

Latex paint glass beads and reflective film glass composition

Latex paint glass examples are qualitative Address fractional barium Chin glass prepared glass beads of the refractive index of 1.9-2.0, taking into account the chemical and mechanical properties, as contain large amounts of Ba and TiO2, glass generated body content less High Intensity Grade Reflective Film glass. Roughly the mass fraction of BaO 50%, T102 30% - .35%, 10% -15% of the glass-generating body and the intermediate oxide. Glass easy crystallization by rapid cooling method to solve. Glass composition listed in Table Chin barium glass progress to improve the the demolition reflectivity, high Khin Khin barium glass. TiO2 too little early had leaded glass manufacturing glass secret special not environmental pollution, automobile exhaust and glass for months to change the color, now do not. Containing rare earth oxides, pounds formate High Refractive Glass Beads Index 1.93 of glass, except special needs, less use of prime quality k-index glass beads High Refractive Glass Beads Index 2.20 and reflective film quality and the indicators waves enamel beads refractive index glass beads, at home and abroad control the deviation of the refractive index of the specified value 10.010 complicated measurement of the refractive index of the glass beads, the refractive index of the glass beads, the refractive index of the amount of bulk glass side. Thermal history affect the refractive index of the glass the flame injection pentyl ball glass beads due to rapid cooling, the refractive index is low, can be in glass T, the following heat treatment, and the folding elbow rate was uniform. Other quality indicators include devitrification, like control of the most important indicators of the acute angle, twin, oval glass beads, accounting for less than 4% of the total number of reflective film reflective film 5% IQ the inverse reflection coefficient, the reverse unit area per unit of illuminance the intensity of the reflected light, cd / custodial shear Smee 2 [cd / hc "mz A and observation angle measured by special instruments designed in accordance with international standards in a given incident.

Shenyang garage of a residential building irrigation 5 "name brand oil"

Residents in a 20 square meters floor garage, that we should be able to create the oil of five well-known brands, including Shell, the Great Wall, Mobil, Kunlun, Bluestar. Recently, the Trade and Industry Bureau of Yuhong District, according to a report from the masses, three occult vehicle marking Tape in a residential area is specialized in the manufacture of fake brand of motor oil and antifreeze black dens all take away, the scene and seized large quantities of refined oil, antifreeze and counterfeiting tools. It is understood Advertisement Grade Reflective Sheeting that the three dens are parties to the Tong a fraud place. Tong from Xinmin small refineries bought in bulk oil Commercial Grade Reflective Film through a plastic tube put into the sub-bought brand oil bucket, anti-counterfeit labels affixed Finally, gland packing, sold for a small car repair shop.

The car big run resurfacing: Body change color film process

With the development of China's auto market, the pursuit of individual young owners is also increasing. This phenomenon has led to the rise of China's car modification industry. The early car modification mainly to enhance power, improve retroreflective material handling mainly, and this requires a lot of financial support, "modified car" in the eyes of many people is out of reach.

Motor vehicles operating on security conditions ban paste mirror reflective film

Currently, the latest revision of the operation of motor vehicles safety technical conditions implemented, in which the motor vehicle tires, car windows, seat belts and other higher operational safety technical requirements. On August 31, the relevant reflective material person in charge of the provincial traffic police corps vehicles at the interpretation of some provisions of the new conditions ".

Cultivation and management - Fuji apple laying the reflective film hyperchromic technology

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DaBing the changes of market who can "spell" out of the future

The rapid development of China's electronics industry DaBing joining together to appear put several premier league clubs, schools of thought contend scene. No matter the home or the overseas enterprise "had" China has a huge market of the future. Because domestic joining together DaBing enterprise started late, a considerable number of market share has been international brand occupies, such as: samsung, panasonic, SONY, JVC, LG, etc. In order to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, also appeared a batch of certain strength of domestic manufacturers, such as nanjing the emperor, guangdong ring stone,vehicle marking Tape...

Jinan: CheJian paster have standard light transmittance to over seventy percent

According to shandong radio and TV station channel television life for life "help" report, summer is coming, many drivers friends to heat insulation, in the glass on the bus on the skin. Post later, it is actually pretty dark, the results of the car was told not qualified. Reporters take you into today CheJian line, tell you how to correct the skin, a CheJian through.


The old film new film on car is unfavorable post "two PiLian"

The weather warmed, and the sun is more and more intense, some vehicles posted earlier film appear fade, in order to let CheMo become deeper in order to achieve the effect of temperature reducing shadinHigh Refractive Index Glass Beads...

3D interactive projection and touch screen flanked electronic whiteboard

As the electronic board within a few years of rapid growth and the projector products of its own profit fell small profits, and to promote the research and development of new products manufacturer projection policeman to respond to the electronic board take education this "big cake". After a few years of precipitation, projection and use the 3 D manufacturer mining of three-dimensional teaching effect and its "to", 3 D interactive teaching scheme in the application of competition is born. As is known to all, 3 D is becoming one kind of educational trends, add interactive projection function of the perfect collocation, will become the future of the classroom teaching of a big mainstream tendency. The new technology will give the presence or electronic board to bring a lot of impact, but as technology constantly mature, who decides? Interactive electronic board and 3 D interactive projection certainly will have a "set" of the decisive battle!




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