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Shenyang garage of a residential building irrigation 5 "name brand oil"

Residents in a 20 square meters floor garage, that we should be able to create the oil of five well-known brands, including Shell, the Great Wall, Mobil, Kunlun, Bluestar. Recently, the Trade and Industry Bureau of Yuhong District, according to a report from the masses, three occult vehicle marking Tape in a residential area is specialized in the manufacture of fake brand of motor oil and antifreeze black dens all take away, the scene and seized large quantities of refined oil, antifreeze and counterfeiting tools. It is understood Advertisement Grade Reflective Sheeting that the three dens are parties to the Tong a fraud place. Tong from Xinmin small refineries bought in bulk oil Commercial Grade Reflective Film through a plastic tube put into the sub-bought brand oil bucket, anti-counterfeit labels affixed Finally, gland packing, sold for a small car repair shop.



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