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Durable Si Bode series of pressure sensitive whiteboard

     Beijing Magic Technology Co., Ltd. is a research and development, production and sales of high-tech enterprises, mainly engaged in the interactive whiteboard and other product development, since the founding of the magic of "quality creates brand, science and technology writing the future" High Refractive Glass Beads Index 2.20 business philosophy. The development of the magic of digital interactive products - ThinkBoardTM interactive whiteboard, ThinkPenTM remote intelligent pen, ThinkCardTM wireless smart cards, ThinkStudioTM interactive software using the latest patented technology, through a comprehensive technology upgrade, High Refractive Glass Beads Index 1.93 completely breaking the practical application of the limitations, product technology to leading domestic and international advanced level, has been listed since the majority of users. Today we focus on is recommended for your magic technology's pressure sensitive whiteboard.


China's top luxury cars, Rolls-Royce red flag road test Shots

   National Review, as Chinese leaders only car brand, Red Flag in China has the aura of the head with the top brands. But for decades, the red flag will not play this advantage, the models under the brand itself has not found a suitable location. Today, a new generation of HQE of production,High Refractive Index Glass Beads may be to bring the most accurate Red Flag brand definition. Recently, we received a HQE the production version of undisguised spy, for such a Chinese version of the "Rolls Royce", will undoubtedly be subject to any Chinese people's attention.

Daily life pollution should pay attention to the kitchen to hide all the Secret

  A variety of seasoning bottles, dishes, cooking utensils are issued when the collision tinkle, issued in operation range hood whirring sound when the cabinet door is closed ... ... issued by the crackling voice of the kitchen will be added to these annoying when you are cooking restlessness.


Honeywell's efforts to expand solar panel material series

   Honeywell today announced that it has expanded PowerShield ? backplane product series, the series can be extremely harsh environment to protect photovoltaic (PV) components.
    Honeywell PowerShield backplane product line now includes PowerShield ? PV270, it is 30% lighter than traditional back, but it provides protection and insulation is in no way inferior to the traditional backplane material.


Zhuozhou: packaging and printing industry into three major advantages of the industry

   The total investment of 960 million Chinese Steel Research Institute Group amorphous industrial projects with a total investment 953 million yuan in the East China Petroleum Group Geophysical Research Center, Geophysical Science Park and the total investment 1.368 billion yuan a large number of high-performance high-tech computer center projects project located in Zhuozhou ... ...


Triangle R & D cooperation with foreign universities tire rubber

    High Refractive Glass Beads Index 2.20 According to sources, China's largest tire manufacturer in the United States triangle tires and set up a wholly owned subsidiary A3T LLC will work with the University of Akron UA (University of Akron) and the University of Akron Research Foundation UARF High Refractive Glass Beads Index 1.93 (University of Akron Research Foundation) cooperation negative development of rubber and some technical problems.


Tissue Box reflective rear-end automobile insurance improperly kept hidden decoration

    Personalized decoration for the car to make it comfortable, beautiful and full of personality, is a large private car owners wish. Some car owners too much decoration, ornaments and other issues properly, thus affecting the traffic safety is a major risk.


New Army City Great Wall Hover SUV car parameters interpretation H6

   Prior to this, have talked to the Great Wall Hover H3, H5, tough, strong, set off SUV category attribute configuration is very rich scientific and technological expertise, while the use of non-load-style body design, allowed off-road performance through a clear leader in CR-V, RAV4, etc. city-SUV. However, the upcoming 25th of this month and did not follow Harvard H6 H3,Reflective flame retardant fabric H5 to the road, and the choice of the current mainstream of urban-based SUV line, in addition to the iconic city-SUV "carrying" type body, and its smart matching rich comfortable configuration, it is clear that the times.


Avery Dennison admitted bribery in China, Wuxi, police say "not me"

    → sticker giant "by the Ministry of Public Security Traffic Management Sciences awarded the contract."

    → Engineering Grade Reflective Film It is reported that, "Ministry of Public Security Traffic Management Research Institute" in Wuxi


Solar traffic signs for the development of analysis

  Core Tip: Solar signs of the structure should have four elements: body, thin light weight, easy to replace the battery circuit, solar panels can be turned to the maximum water level of IP68.

    Solar traffic sign is a traffic sign by the sign face, sign plate, solar panels, controllers, light-emitting element (LED) components,reflective film with text and images to pass warnings, bans, instructions to drivers and pedestrians, with the management of road traffic safety. It gives the exact road users to road traffic information, so that smooth flow of road safety, drivers and pedestrians related to life and property security is an indispensable safety ancillary facilities.



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