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Bright annealed stainless steel impact factors

     Annealed stainless steel tube determines the brightness of the quality of products. Factors is greater, this is probably listed five important factors for reference.
 1, the annealing temperature Reflective flame retardant fabric reaches the required temperature. Stainless steel heat treatment is generally taken to solution heat treatment, in which people are usually called "annealing" temperature range of 1040 ~ 1120 ℃ (Japanese standard). You can also observe the holes in the furnace, China Reflective Sheeting Manufacturer annealed stainless steel tube area should be incandescent state, but did not soften sagging.


Reflective Material Factory Shenzhen University to participate in Malaysia Packaging Exhibition

      2010 Second Malaysia (Johor) International Packaging Exhibition is plastic, food processing, packaging and print-based, integrated exhibition, as China's leading manufacturer of security products, reflective material factory of Shenzhen University, took part in the show, and made good show results.


Do not use flash photography reflective

   In advertising photography will always be reflective products, and we usually will encounter when shooting still life, such as shooting a mirror, clocks, porcelain, etc., if they do not understand the reflective properties of the product, and use the appropriate method on the This is difficult to make a good product.


"Vacuum" of flat panel solar water heater

   Flat solar water heater vacuum is a vacuum for the surface of flat glass lid, cover under the metal heat-absorbing body, the body under the heat-absorbing insulation materials, insulation materials, the following protective shell, this four-part assembly, High Refractive Index Glass Beads called the solar collector, then coupled with the circulation line and storage tank.


5000 yuan cost-effective commercially available lenses can be hand inventory

       reflective film With the falling prices of digital SLR cameras and the introduction of multiple entry SLR cameras, SLR cameras now have more and more consumers.reflective sheeting However, many consumers have chosen at the beginning of a set of machines to buy, so the expression in the lens compared to those badly in terms of superior lenses, so start with a new lens, it is very necessary.

Car paint maintenance: sealing the glaze is actually a brightener agent

  To make car from erosion beautiful and durable, often in the car at the beginning of the faithful car to car on the closure of the glaze. But some riders listen to business advocacy, knowledge of glaze do not understand the letters, and even into errors. Please pay attention - automotive sealing glaze is speculation business concept?


Choose for their own car car film "control the sun."

   Auto film is divided into two categories, one is auto glass membrane is attached to the vehicle glass is used to control the sun. Its basic features include security, clear, glare, UV compartment, insulation, anti-scratch, adequate shelf life and protect privacy.Reflective Heat Transfer Film The other is to change the color film by the AAA automobile company introduced a new type of car U.S. STI film products, including the basic properties of individual decorations, to protect the paint, and easy to scrub and so on. The car currently on the market level Reflective flame retardant fabric of the membrane can be divided into four types.


Pick six-hand interpretation of cycling around the lake long love affair

    May 16 hearing 20 years ago, rush hour, you can see the bike to a red light one after another Mojian, which has formed the landscape of an era.High Refractive Glass Beads Index 2.20 20 years later, popular family car,High Refractive Glass Beads Index 1.93 bicycle on the road less, but did not reduce people's love of riding a bike, turning to casual fashion direction. The sports and fitness craze is greatly promoted the rapid development of cycling. In China's most famous bicycle race than the Tour de Qinghai Lake International Road Cycling Race, which is the highest elevation in the world and following the Tour de France, Central Italy, Hazard Warning Tape of Spain, after the highest international levels of competition cycling race. Recently, professional sports brands that continue to Lake Olympic raceColor Reflective Fabric together, carry out cooperation in the sixth year of a long love. Tenth Qinghai Lake in Olympic sponsorship contract signing ceremony on the International Cycling Race, Qinghai Guo Yu, deputy director of Beijing Sports Bureau, said the ceremony, the Olympic tournament with five lake along the way, given the growing support of events and parties are based on professional sports properties, based in the sports development assisted each other on the road, I believe there is greater room for cooperation in future.


2011 Sixteenth City Fair officially kicked off

   Fifteenth session of the City Fair last year on the basis of success, approved by the Ministry of Commerce, "The 16th China IntAdvertisement Grade Reflective Sheeting ernational Fair Eco-city construction building materials," once again settled in Langfang, 2011 September 15 to 17 in Langfang International Convention and Exhibition Centre.


Third lighting industry, the latest technology and the results Forum


   Industrial Technology leading the life of low carbon lighting

   reflective film Guangzhou International Lighting Fair has been towards the 16th in size with further breakthrough, as of the end of February 2011, more than 2,000 exhibitors implement the exhibition area has reached 18 pavilions and 18 million square meters. All in the international lighting industry as the theme of exhibitions, the show has become the world's largest display size.



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