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High Brightness LED's "package thermal conductivity," Analysis of the principle technical

   The last LED status indicators can only be used as the era of the package has never been heat, but in recent years, LED brightness, the power to enhance both active and started for backlighting and illumination applications such as electronic post, LED package thermal problem has quietly surfaced.


Marking the first batch of paint selected Ministry of Transportation Certification

  "The first certified products directory traffic," including the Ministry of Transport and the National Certification and Accreditation Administration jointly issued by nine categories approved 58 products:

     High Refractive Glass Beads Index 2.20 1 car trailer parts and accessories: trailer axles, trailer supporting device;


2012 The 11th China (Shanghai) Textile fabrics and accessories fair

  It is reported that "2012 The 11th China (Shanghai) Textile Fabrics & Accessories Exhibition" will be held 5-7 March 2012 exhibition at the Shanghai Pudong Expo (State Fair Road No. 1099) at.

    Time: 5-7 March 2012


Integrated ceiling purchase process you must know the key words

     Integrated ceiling building materials industry is a more specific industry, it is younger than the other sectors, consumers do not know much of the ceiling, High Refractive Glass Beads causing many owners to buy an integrated ceiling decoration has a kind of no start feeling, for the majority of small series Interpretation of the purchase process of consumers should pay attention to the ceiling of keywords to help consumers purchase ceiling in the course of time to find an entry point.


From the "rookie" to "shrimp" multi-faceted understanding of projectors

  Now the price of projectors continues to decline, more ordinary users will have more access to and use of the projector. However, the projector is a high-end peripherals, reflective film after all, more "delicate", in order to make it safe and reliable, we must master some tips and precautions.


5.0-inch touch screen any time I travel lift 1560 National Hot Storm

  Golden Holiday fleeting, leaving us, charming Autumn, beautiful memories and vivid a picture of the smiling faces. During this period, GPS market has also ushered in a sales frenzy, where I swam 1560 much consumer attention, reason: first, the product has a high cost; Second: I swim a free upgrade launch activities.Commercial Grade Reflective Film Gold sales in the quarter, which is called a "Little Prince" Any time I visit New pocketed the attention of consumers, merchants sought after and media alike, Engineering Grade Reflective Sheeting across the country set off a hot storm.

New heat-reflective insulation coatings research and development Xingshao Qing Guangdong Institute of Building Materials

    Abstract: Thermal radiation heat insulation coating has a strong effect of the launch, more and more attention. This article outlines the features heat reflective coating of progress at home and abroad, and made the future direction of development.


3M multi-line operations will lack the core competitive advantage

   "Diversity will allow enterprises covered in knife, but not a sharp?" This is the 3M company (English name Minnesota Miningand Manufacturing) Global Central Executive Committee, Greater China president Yu Junxiong often faced with the challenge.


Classification of Road Marking Paint and Construction Notes

  Yang Fengheng (Henan Institute of Science and Technology Transportation Co., Ltd., Henan Province, Zhengzhou 450000)

    Abstract: Based on many years of experience, described in detail the performance requirements of marking, classification and thermoplastic paint marking paint construction considerations and other issues.


Ophthalmologist confirmed the visual impact of water pollution

     Water pollution, air pollution, noise pollution is that people are more familiar with the health hazards, but not all the time around us, reflective film threatening our light pollution, you know? It is damaging human bright eyes. According to experts, depending on the environment, light pollution and water pollution, air pollution, noise pollution, as would endanger human health.



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