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Cultivation and management - Fuji apple laying the reflective film hyperchromic technology

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Jinan: CheJian paster have standard light transmittance to over seventy percent

According to shandong radio and TV station channel television life for life "help" report, summer is coming, many drivers friends to heat insulation, in the glass on the bus on the skin. Post later, it is actually pretty dark, the results of the car was told not qualified. Reporters take you into today CheJian line, tell you how to correct the skin, a CheJian through.


IPad display coating material from KangPeng containing fluorine coating

The United States apple launched a new generation iPad tablet computer, the global attention the apple in new products, TaiXing KangPeng special chemical Co., LTD, great iPad screen display of coating material came from the company.

This is a new type of containing fluorine type shows coating material. "' brush 'on the coating, iPad display radiation would be more small, higher resolution display, speed up to 2 millisecond timescale,' the pink 'can enjoy unprecedented' pleasure '." KangPeng company general manager WangYunXiang said.


India day technology: lanzhou electronic board teaching special training

At the end of December, seal day in lanzhou city LanHua electronic board success three secondary school, more than one hundred overprint day T series electromagnetic interactive electronic board was installed in the classroom, and used in teaching in class, in order to let the teachers better use electronic board in interactive teaching,reflective film printing technology division to arrange training day electronic board of lanzhou special training, relevant leaders and teachers was a total of one hundred people attend the training. At the scene, reflective sheeting printed day training division is electronic board of the installation and operation are connected to a detailed introduction, among them, the electronic board from flooding function, plug and play, reflective fabric simple and quick, is present leadership, teachers consistent praise: India day T series electromagnetic electronic board, mainboard using HID equipment, with only a USB line and computer connection,reflective material you may realize the signal transmission and power supply, and WindowxsXP system in Win7 do not have to CD drive, convenient installation; In addition, India day electromagnetic series electronic board, all adopt mechanicalHigh Refractive Glass Beads coiling quantitative production, not only reduces the production cost, easy popularity, and mechanical coiling than manual winding coil arrangement more clean, ensure stable performance, positioning precision.


Constant far electric wave household projection swaying, weaving show luxuriant "visual" boundary

Constant far weiye 100 (16:9) electric wave household ash tent

On the basis of PG can effectively increase the absorption mixed and disorderly light grey coating. Gray coating can effective against mixed and disorderly light, strengthen the depth of a dark and detail part, and high times gain make mapping brightness sufficient and can keep the white dramatically, make effects in black and whitereflective film , the color of skin moist, strengthen contrast, strengthen the administrative levels feeling and stereo feeling, mapping more clearly meticulous, make the projection screen to a brand-new realm, create rich sense of film cinema effect.


Technical guidance: touch screen common faults and plastic repair methods

Touch screen as a special kind of computer peripherals, it is at present the most simple, convenient and natural a man-machine interactive way. It gives the multimedia with a brand new look, is intriguing new multimedia interactive devices. Touch screen application in our country range is very wide, main is public information query;reflective film Such as telecommunication bureau, tax bureau, bank, electric power industries business query; The city streets and information query; In addition to office, industrial application leadership control,reflective sheeting military command, electronic games, the song to order,reflective fabric the multimedia teaching, real estate to open to booking, etc. Especially public information query service, its use and promotion greatly facilitate people to access and get all kinds of information. But you know how much of a touch screen?


High-tech crystallization force beauty nano projection screen create wonderful world

Are you still in for "ordinary projection screen using the reflection of the reflection in a single material, no optical design reflection appear on the diffuse phenomenon, lead to vehicle marking Tape serious distortion of color brightness not enough" distress; Are you still in the dream of having a vice "clear, three-dimensional rich details performance" of the projection screen; Commercial Grade Reflective Film Are you still immersed in the "vivid reduction every moment of yearning" in! Now, their top projection screen manufacturing factory will provide you with "may be the best of you seen the brush and coating, high polymer material science high-tech crystallization"-force beauty nano projection screen.


Differences between domestic and imported quality auto lamp light is burning package

    Common fixtures on the market, basically divided into two groups, made light occupies a low price, import lamps burning packages have become synonymous. Domestic lighting quality and quality differences between imported lamps, mainly in the following three aspects:


Who is the authority of four hot new thin light alone was the contrast

+    Thin and light notebook portability and performance balance in recent years become a major vendor to push a new focus, especially now that the new processor technology gives lower CPU power consumption and heat, so we see a lot of brands have in their own super- thin notebook with a standard voltage processor, the other with the design and manufacturing process enhancements,High Intensity Grade Reflective Film discrete graphics have begun to appear among some thin and light notebook, so CPU + GPU to enhance performance to meet a lot of people on the thin and light notebook demanding requirements.



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