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Bengbu Glass Industry cluster development industry chain is basically formed

www.cnreflectivematerial.comIn the afternoon of March 30, the vice chairman of the Federation of Industries of Taiwan, Taiwan Glass Industry Association chairman, chairman of Taiwan Glass Industrial Company Lin Bofeng rate Taiwanese business delegation to Bengbu study visit. Bengbu City, led by Chen Qitao Chunyu, Cao Long Can the city government Secretary-General Wu Zhongyao cordial meeting with the Linbo Feng and his party.

Shenyang garage of a residential building irrigation 5 "name brand oil"

Residents in a 20 square meters floor garage, that we should be able to create the oil of five well-known brands, including Shell, the Great Wall, Mobil, Kunlun, Bluestar. Recently, the Trade and Industry Bureau of Yuhong District, according to a report from the masses, three occult vehicle marking Tape in a residential area is specialized in the manufacture of fake brand of motor oil and antifreeze black dens all take away, the scene and seized large quantities of refined oil, antifreeze and counterfeiting tools. It is understood Advertisement Grade Reflective Sheeting that the three dens are parties to the Tong a fraud place. Tong from Xinmin small refineries bought in bulk oil Commercial Grade Reflective Film through a plastic tube put into the sub-bought brand oil bucket, anti-counterfeit labels affixed Finally, gland packing, sold for a small car repair shop.

MIT developed new glass material iPhone screen or no longer reflect light

Smart phones, flat computers and laptops in the sunlight will produce dazzle below the illuminate of GuangXianXing for everyday use has brought much inconvenience. The sun shining,Engineering Grade Reflective Film...

Car cool cool and refreshing mask to prevent bask in car treasure simple light

At the moment, the private cars in addition to people out of tools is walking, or a kind of fashion, more modern high quality life a reflection. The company said the staff is, people having more than 80% don't know how to love a car care, it is not hard to see this situation: long-term parking need not car couldn't avoid weathered, leaves and dust also good, sometimes some organic sticky the vehicle body is more trouble, solvent will paint surface erosion. Make the owner is very angry thing is that every body has dust content, some like the imp or passers-by with hand in hand car body scraping coat, as time passes appear ugly scratches, grinding heavy spray is a bunch of money.


Glasstec: the international first-class glass industry exhibition

Dusseldorf international glass first exhibition held in 1970, held once every two years, this exhibition is the world's largest international exhibition of glass, its participation broad scope, variety complete, number, and in the international exhibition on glass is second to none. The varieties cover plate glass, light industry glass, glass processing, refractory materials, mechanical, electrical, control, environmental protection and other areas of relevant industries. As the world exhibition Dusseldorf glass the largest glass industry exhibition, its characteristic is that it the industry of innovation on all levels, and have a high degree of internationalization degree; Believe in 2012 exhibition will also show the industry's ability to reflect and innovative products and processing technology.


110 alarm GIS stem body positioning system to help you alarm positioning

In the urban encounter emergency, call the police but not clear in its own specific position? So, please look for the nearest pole, will be on the pole seven coding to quote the police, the police can instantly bring you "location".


Each one is a work of art hangzhou one stick focus "wing stick"

Focus "every one is a work of art," pursue "acme of perfection, and hangzhou one stick car products Co., LTD with delicate" wing stick "conquer market products.reflective film Have their own design team, insist on all products are to have their own style, advocate the original design, hangzhou stick one auto supplies Co., LTD. Has become a real China only, set vehicle-logo, car stick, thin stick, embroidered chapter, color and automotive trim stick in one of the creative products manufacturers.


From the "rookie" to "shrimp" multi-faceted understanding of projectors

  Now the price of projectors continues to decline, more ordinary users will have more access to and use of the projector. However, the projector is a high-end peripherals, reflective film after all, more "delicate", in order to make it safe and reliable, we must master some tips and precautions.


Diamond plate stick shake "blind" electronic eye jewelry store on sale

     "License plate on the even set a drill!" Recently, the Harbin on the microblogging community, said Ms. Sun, in the Daoli willow street, she saw a black sport utility vehicle's license plate in the sun shining exception, a closer look at the top even trimmed with diamond.


But not perfect: to create healthy, clean teaching "tool"

   Efforts to promote low-carbon consumption reading pen door recommended environmental wate
    Creating a low carbon, environmentally friendly, green and healthy environment in today's society and the world is an important topic,High Refractive Glass Beads Index 1.93 but also remember going to school Hazard Warning Tape because the chalk in class "unscrupulous" and hate to sit in the front row, but also because, when writing on the blackboard chalk rather abruptly issued by scratching heart sound and sharp cold sweat. Whiteboard pen until the emergence of the situation Color Reflective Fabric finally improved, but not difficult to find, each time on the whiteboard or leave faint marks, but also emitting a low toxicity to stimulate smell,Reflective Heat Transfer Film whiteboard pen is not a small one-time use of waste It is these problems, efforts to read the door in June 2008, successfully developed Reflective flame retardant fabric a new generation of low-carbon green pen.



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