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Response to market demands whole wei yu quietly popular market

With fine decoration residential is becoming more and more popular, and industrialization, low carbon residential national policy would have issued, also because of people's living conditions improved increasingly,High Refractive Glass Beads Index 1.93 whole wei yu in the Chinese market has quietly. Due to cater to consumer demand, whole wei yu in China's market prospect is considerable. However, because of whole wei yu market position is higher, reflective sheeting so its sustainable development also suffered a certain "bottleneck".


Bright colours the strong luminosity road marking paint is recommended

Along with the economic activity is more and more frequent, the increasingly serious traffic jam, road traffic accidents increase year by year, urgent to social problems, road traffic line is based on provisions line, arrows, text, elevation mark, bumps signposts or other orientation device, row in a pavement or other facilities, reflective film control traffic and dispersed traffic flow guidance of facilities. It will be the way of fixed base intelligence across to the vehicles and pedestrians, especially to driver is reflective sheeting particularly important. Major in road traffic line designated surface, has weathered, snow to freeze, suffered from vehicle impact abrasion, so its performance have strict requirements.reflective fabric First demand of the drying time is short, simple operation, and to reduce the traffic interference; Second requirement reflection ability and bright colours, the luminosity is strong, that day, night all have good visibility; Third, reflective material with sliding resistance and wear resistance,High Refractive Glass Beads in order to ensure that the traffic safety and service life.


2012 kunshan international screen printing packing industry exhibition invitation

Location: kunshan science and technology culture expo center

Organizers: kunshan city of kunshan city people's government ChuBanJu news radio and television culture

ChengBanFang: Shanghai bo love reading exhibition services Co., LTD


Evaluating the Kindle Fire that display performance than iPad 2

Beijing time 21 December morning news, a Display Mate assessment showed that the amazon Kindle Fire screen than the performance and the bookstore's Nook tablet computer and apple iPad 2.

Usually, the size of the liquid crystal display quality would differ, including resolution, luminous way, and display the drive technology, etc. Apple lead in this field, provided the best products. reflective film And some cheap brand is tend to use cheap small size display screen.


Open a new era of e-reading products carbon Instinct

    In China, the industries have accelerated the move towards "low-carbon age" pace, not developed in the culture, publishing and other industries,High Refractive Index Glass Beads "low carbon" process is not far behind. "Low-carbon publication", "low-carbon reading" has become the industry of the new term, coming into view, leading the development of the industry to become the new fashion.


Naming "Uno" Chang's first commercial vehicle to market

   As sales of big, slightly face of war has changed from the traditional low-end passenger / cargo gradually to develop high-end models, similar to the NV200China Reflective Fabric Manufacturer , handsome types of multi-passenger van models will set off another round of war. Seeing a number of mini-car companies launch CDV model, Chang natural outdone, recently learned that Chang's first business model R101 will be named "Uno", and will be officially listed in the second half of this year,China High Refractive Glass Beads Manufacturer and strive to develop more high-end CDV cars type of market.

A difference of 8,500 yuan up to the most talked about 46-inch TV shopping guide

    To late August, television's attention appears to have gradually picked up a few days ago, I asked several friends to buy television-related knowledge,Reflective Heat Transfer Film and so I recommend several, like the recent purchase of flat-panel TV. Indeed, according to the laws of the past, television sales started slowly out of the off-season, Reflective flame retardant fabric sales will gradually increase. Given is the more mainstream 46-inch size, while users are more concerned about, so I recommend several of today's 46-inch LED TV, China Reflective Sheeting Manufacturer but we will find that their prices are different, the maximum difference has reached 8,500 yuan.

Bacheng users that monitoring is an invasion of privacy public random photo

   Why is speeding out of control nude photos

    Hot crowd, while friends asked to reflect

    Indecent photographs of speeding in monitoring their own hot at the same time, monitoring exactly how photographs spread out? Whether the violation of citizens' privacy? - These two problems also led to users of lively discussion. Yesterday, "Mianyang Traffic Police,"Advertisement Grade Reflective Sheeting the official micro-Bo has said it would respond to the source and authenticity of images to investigate. And nearly as friends that photo out of a tort.


This compact and portable business day V370 Lenovo Yang comprehensive evaluation

    Entry-level business applications as the main models, Lenovo V Series notebooks have always been strong with a metallic appearance,Color Reflective Fabric good performance and high cost and other reasons, by many consumers. The user feedback on the current point of view, Lenovo yangtian V370, V470 Reflective Heat Transfer Film were also the 13-inch, 14 inch size business models to gain a higher market share. Here we bring you the following comprehensive tests of Reflective flame retardant fabric this V370, and will in this paper where the merits of its market positioning and a simple analysis.

Joint special micro IP surveillance system strengthening supervision of food security procedures

   As the saying goes "Food, food to safety first." CCTV this year, "3.15" show exposure Shuanghui clenbuterol scandal since the "lean" thing has become a vicious food safety incidents. Related to the production company, attached great retroreflective material importance. Such as Guangxi, China Foods Co., Ltd. Meeting the leadership decided to make the business process, production processes more transparent, in the power quality supervision work, but also to businesses and consumers. Carefully selected, the final decision to adopt joint special micro-network video monitoring system. Guangxi Huihua Food Co., Ltd., Nanning is the first modern animal food meat processing enterprises, slaughtering and processing enterprises in Nanning City, Nanning, located in the vehicle marking Tape outskirts, with a total investment of 240 million yuan, covers an area of ??300 acres, employs 1,500 people. Department of Chinese food in slaughterAdvertisement Grade Reflective Sheeting and processing one million pigs, 15 million birds chicken, beef 60000, 150 000 sheep, cooked food products, 7200 tons, annual output value of more than 30 billion yuan. For the majority of market health, safety, ease of meat.



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