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Motor vehicles operating on security conditions ban paste mirror reflective film

Currently, the latest revision of the operation of motor vehicles safety technical conditions implemented, in which the motor vehicle tires, car windows, seat belts and other higher operational safety technical requirements. On August 31, the relevant reflective material person in charge of the provincial traffic police corps vehicles at the interpretation of some provisions of the new conditions ".

Came early: low altitude road lighting quality evaluation system

1 introduction

Before, in some large overpasses ramp lighting and urban landscape bridge lighting project, people have tried to wall lamp in place of the traditional lever type road lighting made the street lamp. Such as Shanghai pudong airport overpass ramp (high pressure sodium), suzhou officer in mudu overpass (high pressure sodium)reflective film , wuxi rong lake bridge (metal halide lamp), kunshan jade peak bridge (fluorescent lamp), etc. This kind of lighting system, in the lower costs, promote the installation and maintenance of visual experience and so on, reflective sheeting have received very good result.


Iboard build interactive touch-screen technology ranks first among the three major market

       High Refractive Index Glass Beads Past two years, touch screen, "Saber-rattling", a strong attack education equipment market, triggering some of the frenzy out changes to the traditional whiteboard and projector market has brought an unexpected impact, and for a "touch screen is bound to replace the whiteboard," the wind retroreflective material swept through the education equipment market. Leaving aside the touch screen to the whiteboard market, the emergence of the impact of efforts to bring much, just look at the simple touch-screen technology structure, can be known "rumors" does have its logical side. Build a projector, projection screen,vehicle marking Tape controller, audio and five-in-one computer touch screen, simplifying the post-maintenance operating system, while a better solution to the traditional whiteboard dim light generated is unclear, reflections, glare of light and the students see black shadows and other defects, the true realization of energy saving, high quality teaching and learning requirements.


Gansu s lights and monitoring equipment tendering purchasing a public announcement

【 from security nets 】 bidding Numbers: no establishment

Bidding agent: WuWeiShi government purchasing center

The owner unit: WuWeiShi the traffic police

Application deadline: 2010-02-01

Subordinate areas: gansu

By sector: transportationEngineering Grade Reflective Sheeting electrical and electronic appliances, safety protection


LIU JO 2011 autumn and winter fashion trends, China Resources Time Square released

    Recently, internationally renowned fashion brands LIU.JO Times Square in Pudong, Shanghai, China Resources held in autumn and winter 2011 fashion show, guests to the scene of the show LIU.JO brand in 2011 autumn and winter trends. Day, 14 Chinese and foreign models common interpretation of the brand's LIU.JO Collection LIU.JO and LIU.JOJeans two series of products, and, fashion, Kate Moss days for the filming of the latest vehicle marking Tape endorsement LIU.JO brand image advertising film also opened veil, the official meeting with the Chinese market.


Zhuozhou: packaging and printing industry into three major advantages of the industry

   The total investment of 960 million Chinese Steel Research Institute Group amorphous industrial projects with a total investment 953 million yuan in the East China Petroleum Group Geophysical Research Center, Geophysical Science Park and the total investment 1.368 billion yuan a large number of high-performance high-tech computer center projects project located in Zhuozhou ... ...


Avery Dennison admitted bribery in China, Wuxi, police say "not me"

    → sticker giant "by the Ministry of Public Security Traffic Management Sciences awarded the contract."

    → Reflective flame retardant fabric It is reported that, "Ministry of Public Security Traffic Management Research Institute" in Wuxi


New materials combined with new technology vehicle heat shield a significant cooling effect

   Holds 200 patents in the industry "China's Edison," said Yang Zongfu not law-abiding of Yiwu merchants. He spent a few months time to fiddle with the application of new materials, automotive heat shield, make the car lower the temperature a lot.


The new Samsung touch screen experience teaching business education help

  In the wave of global information driven, information-based teaching has become a core competency education elements in the education industry in-depth use of information technology, development and integration of educational resources, to effectively enhance the retroreflective material quality and level of teaching,vehicle marking Tape but also led to information large-screen display of the terminal application, and display through the use of professional equipment, but also for the display industry to provide quality education services, to further improve the construction of educational information, and ultimately improve the level of information society as a whole.

Knowledge: how much would be used to house a high degree of safety glass

    With the continuous improvement of quality of life of people, architectural glass types and functions are also more and more glass,reflective film rain, lighting, shelter and other traditional functions is well known, modern architectural glass in addition to these basic functions,reflective sheeting as well as noise, insulation,reflective fabric fire protection, radiation, anti-reflective and more.



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