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Raiders teach automotive films you choose a suitable product

   It is mainly the role of automotive films block ultraviolet rays, blocking part of the heat and to prevent a sudden burst of glass caused by wounding occurs, but also with one-way perspective of performance solar film to achieve the purpose of protection of personal privacy. In addition, it can also reduce the interior items and personnel reflective film due to the damage caused by ultraviolet radiation, in some level of effectiveness to achieve savings in fuel consumption.


Came early: low altitude road lighting quality evaluation system

1 introduction

Before, in some large overpasses ramp lighting and urban landscape bridge lighting project, people have tried to wall lamp in place of the traditional lever type road lighting made the street lamp. Such as Shanghai pudong airport overpass ramp (high pressure sodium), suzhou officer in mudu overpass (high pressure sodium), reflective film wuxi rong lake bridge (metal halide lamp),reflective sheeting kunshan jade peak bridge (fluorescent lamp), etc. This kind of lighting system, in the lower costs, promote the installation and maintenance of visual experience and so on, have received reflective fabric very good result.


Summer, autumn UV auto foil insulation Raiders

  The northern autumn, the South is still unbearably hot, but the general increase in the intensity of ultraviolet light. Autumn is the season for car film promotion. Whether to heat or UV, car choose a suitable car film are very important. Car film currently on the market many brands, a far cry from the price,reflective film many owners often do not know how to choose, in fact, a good car film is kind of high-tech products, select the film also has a lot of car knowledge.

The second Heidelberg ecological printing prize putting environmental protection

On July 6, 2011, the second ecological Printing prize (Heidelberg ECO Printing Award ceremony in the headquarters in Heidelberg print media, building (PMA) was held. The international reflective film awards from Heidelberg group initiated and host, special recognition in sustainable printing outstanding as of the offset printing manufacturer. From the United States, reflective sheeting JohnRoberts enterprise chief executive Michael Keene with environmental best management enterprise award for 30000 euros ($) prize; And Australia Vega Press the enterprise boss RobNugent also get the most innovative environmental protection solution award bonus check of 20000 euros. Winners are also get the print reflective fabric media conference on college of preferential quota. The ecological printing award had received from the global across four continents, 19 countries of 45 house submitted for printing the contestant. And, the applicant appeared for the first time in Brazil, Indonesia and the Philippines enterprise figure.reflective material 4 senior personnel of international independent of the jury environmental best integration solutions and the most innovative independent solutions to vote.


Bird's Nest: One with "blood" lies

   Hundreds of million of one or two of blood Yan, was broke by the dye is made, and some blood nitrite Yan hazardous substances exceeding 350 times the weight, reflective film or even with fish glue, pectin, agar powder hold up to the.


Opal nano-ceramic membrane - the world's technology in China

   Performance, value for money,reflective film is worthy of the best window film selected. Opal is China's first nano-ceramic membrane developed its own production of a new generation of automotive films, nano-ceramic materials and aerospace technology in the automotive sector nanoparticles perfect combination.


Sichuan Sony light: LED lighting industry leader

    Sony Light Co., Ltd. reflective film Sichuan is a research, development,reflective sheeting manufacturing high-tech enterprise in one stock. The company is committed to being the industry leader in LED lighting.

China Textile fabrics and accessories and yarn industry "Fair"

    It is reported from Guangdong Zhenwei National Exhibition Limited Company, Guangzhou, Hong Zhou International Textile co-brand the city, Greflective film uangdong Province Zip Korea Fashion Textile Association of Chamber of Commerce and supported by the "11th Guangzhou International Exhibition of textile yarn and fabrics and accessories "will be held November 9, 2011 -11 days in Guangzhou ? China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex.


Bus number plate only to flip 90 degrees to avoid electronic police

   To avoid electronic police, block the plate of the car on the highway too, but the ability to manually turn 90 degrees plate, or a rare bus. The eCommercial Grade Reflective Film vening of July 24, high-speed traffic police in Hunan Xuefeng Mountain Shao Huai brigade can squadron seized a passenger motor vehicle license plate to manually flip the vehicle.


The history of the most complete green renovation necessary knowledge and acceptance points

    Today, more and more consumers are blind to see the decoration from the past styles, colors turn to bring the visual pursuit of environmental protection, comfortable and convenient living environment, those who have been classified as "fashion" and the shape of useless red tape decoration has retired, people-oriented green, practical home design become the first choice,Engineering Grade Reflective Sheeting so that residents in the limited space to fully enjoy the family warmth and comfort.



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