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2012 changchun international ground heating system product and equipment exhibition

2012 jilin (changchun) 14 th international heating Hazard Warning Tape heating boiler air conditioning and energy conservation and emission reduction technology exhibition equipment


OLED technology take off challenges and opportunities exist

South Korean LG Display panel giant LG announced in 2012 will be 1/10-1/13 in Las Vegas (Las Vegas) of Consumer Electronics held (Consumer Electronics Show, CES) published 55 inch OLED TV,High Intensity Grade Reflective Sheeting while the global leadership AMOLED giant Samsung Samsung that have CES2012 55 inch Display may in AMOLED TV, let OLED technology application development and future potential resurfaced,High Intensity Grade Reflective Film someone will even 2012 as OLED technology take off years. Once in the OLED field layout but the withdrawal of relevant firms Taiwan halfway, the next growth band will face in OLED how challenges,High Refractive Glass Beads Index 2.20 and how much can grasp the opportunity, a concern.


Belgium development holographic images can replace existing TV 3 D technology

Beijing time on January 4, news, according to foreign media reports, in recent years, holographic TV technology to become the industry is more and more popular topic, countries around the world are also in the holographic TV technology made some achievement. Perhaps in the near future, holographic TV can appear in our real life.Reflective Heat Transfer Film Recently, a Belgian research institutions proposing a new implementation scheme, may soon be true hologram dedicated to people's presence.


The special oil tank insulation reflecting coatings research study


Abstract: the choice to import the hollow glass beads developed a thin layer of reflective insulation effect, resistant to contamination good sex and the weathering resistance excellent heat reflecting coatings,High Intensity Grade Reflective Film the U.S. army to its standard evaluated the performance and and ordinary pu coatings are compared, and shows that the effect is obvious.


Four cases of inferior to let the sep car injuries

The clarity of the film with the manufacturing process of the main film and use of the glue. In the present market condition dyeing film the clarity of the minimum, evaporating &coating next, High Refractive Glass Beads Index 2.20 definition good is the metal sputtering film. Buy film, the owner must carefully distinguish. And reflective too strong membrane obviously is crooked.


Reflective fabric in uniform industry application

Reflective fabric is a widely used in traffic safety equipment, uniform, working clothes, patch, protective clothing, etc and man's life and property safety of closely related to high-tech products. Reflective flame retardant fabric The reflective fabric is to use high refractive index of glass beads regression reflection principles through the focuser post-processing of advanced technology is made. It can direct light reflected back to shine distant place, no matter in the night or day all have good resistance shoot optical properties. Especially at night, can play as the day high visibility. It will appear solved smoothly "see" and "be seen" the traffic problem overnight,China Reflective Sheeting Manufacturer use this high visibility reflective fabric made into work clothes, no matter who is in in the distant place, or in the light or scattering light interference, can be more easily be night drivers found.


PDP Plasma and LCD LCD DLP splicing splicing splicing contrast

   First, the imaging principle is relatively

    a) plasma theory

    PDP (PlasmaDisplayPanel), Color Reflective Fabric the plasma display. PDP is a display technology using gas discharge, and it works very similar to fluorescent lamps. It uses a plasma tube as a light-emitting element on the screen each plasma tube corresponds to a pixel, screen with glass as a substrate, the substrate a certain distance away, surrounded by airtight sealReflective Heat Transfer Film forming a discharge space, discharge space filled with neon, mixture of xenon and other inert gas as the working medium in the inner surface of two glass substrates coated with metal oxide conductive films for excitation electrode. When added to the electrode voltage, the discharge space of the mixed gas plasma discharge phenomenonReflective flame retardant fabric will occur, also called plasma effect.China Reflective Sheeting Manufacturer Gas plasma discharge generates ultraviolet light, ultraviolet excitation coated with red, green and blue phosphor screen, screen emits visible light, revealing the image. When each unit with 256 levels of gray color after the color mixing, we achieve color display.


PDP plasma joining together with LCD joining together DLP joining together contrast

A comparison principle, imaging

A) plasma principle

PDP (PlasmaDisplayPanel), namely the plasma screen.reflective film PDP is a use of gas discharge of display technology, the working principle and fluorescent lamp is very similar. It USES the plasma tube as light emitting components, the screen each plasma tube a corresponding pixels, the screen with glass as boards, substrate interval distance, all around the air tightness sealing make a discharge space, reflective sheeting discharge in space filled with neon, xenon mixing inert gas as a working medium in two pieces of glass substrate on the inside of the coated with metal oxide conductive film as incentive electrode. reflective fabric When the electrodes to join voltagereflective material , the space of the mixed gas discharge occurs plasma discharge phenomenon, also called plasma effect. The gas plasma discharge produce ultraviolet light, excited by the ultraviolet radiation with red, green, High Refractive Glass Beads blue screen of phosphor, the screen emits a visible light,High Refractive Index Glass Beads and show the image. As each color unit realize more gray level 256 mixed color, and realize the color display.


Each new glass or future building materials market will be popular

Along with the construction energy conservation policy intensified efforts, building standardization management standard and glass industry, increase the level of science and technology, energy saving,reflective film safety glass and glass environmental protection glass will in the future architectural topping, play more and more big effect.


About energy storage type shine coatings and preparation

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(1 nanchang institute machinery and power engineering, nanchang, jiangxi, 330099; 2. The central south university materials science and engineering college, hunan changsha 410083)




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