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2012 west China international green new light (chengdu) exhibition

Start time: 2012-07-19
End time: 2012-07-21
Venue: China ? chengdu international convention and exhibition center, new century city
Organizer: chengdu city people's government
Contractors: suzhou TianXi exhibition Co., LTD

Pigeons electric screen vivid scene of the world moments

Pigeon brand of fu's screen is including glass bead curtain electric screen and white plastic screen two kinds, so it is suitable to electrochemical education popularization.

Fu lai better electric glass beads of using high brightness the screen surface, the screen with high brightness characteristics, gain is up to 2.5 times, in the light of the strong place can also provideHigh Intensity Grade Reflective Sheeting clear projection results; High resolution and excellent visual effect and strong contrast, in the dusk of the environment also can build a perfect visual images; Advanced processing technologyHigh Intensity Grade Reflective Film , real wood surface and air complete isolation, can meet mouldproof, moistureproof, flame retardant appeal, etc.


Five new functional coatings were successful attention

Promote the reform and innovation of the coating technology has been coating industry insiders of the fight for the vane. Right now, in one part of the efforts to paint, several new functional High Refractive Glass Beads coatings was published, once roll out, that attention.


New TanLuZhe nissan SUV rendering released Detroit auto show

Nissan car once before the disclosure in the north American market will TanLuZhe suvs (Pathfinder) of change, now nissan released a group of three of the new TanLuZhe concept car pictures, High Refractive Glass Beads Index 2.20 including is the face and modelling. New TanLuZhe concept car will be held in North America in the Detroit auto show made its debut release.


In making glass industry annual value of more than 30 to

From the national development and reform commission, the city has faith that committee of bengbu in recent years emphatically exert the weeds and clam independent innovation reform region the advantages of the policy, and actively expand and deepen foreign strategic cooperation, to speed up the glass industry the development step, initially formed in ordinary glass, pv glass, glass, glass display new materials and glass equipment, as a representative of the industrial development pattern, Color Reflective Fabric glass industrial output value has reached more than 30 one hundred million yuan.


Understand the choose and buy of floor heating allow you to easily change remains of floor heating

Floor heating is not a single product, but many heating products and systems integration. The choose and buy of floor heating is bad, if a link in making mistakes, it can be very trouble.reflective film Small problems have system not hot, check some themselves can firmly; The most serious is leaking, not only the floor in the home fell through, also adversely affect next door neighbor,reflective sheeting let oneself when will compensate. So in the choose and buy when floor heating, looking for brand service is very important. We also can't let providers of credit ts16949 for everybody below los los detailed introduces the structure of the construction and the plumbing, let not understand you short time become da of floor heating.


Guangzhou, and then check the school bus safety violations of the law has been drastically reduced

To ensure that school bus safety, the prevention of school bus accidents, yesterday morning and evening peak traffic police bureau in the city of Shenzhen to carry out school reflective film bus safety special rectification. The operation, check the 1165 school bus, school bus were seized without a license, school bus safety does not meet the test conditions for rectification of the 5, 20 and other minor traffic offense, the school bus law substantially reduced.


Analysis: 2011 printing machinery industry market ups and downs

According to gongkong ? market research found that 2011 years in the second quarter of printing machinery industry automation products market scale is 155 million yuan, increased by 9.7% month-on-month, three quarters of printing machinery industry automation products market scale is 140 million yuan, annulus comparing fell by 9.4%,High Refractive Glass Beads Index 1.93 and 20.2% lower than the same period in 2010, industrial control index for 82. The main reason is: printing equipment production and export growth focus mainly on printing equipment, Hazard Warning Tape while for the application of automation products more printing equipment in output in mild decline, it leads directly to the automation products market up declined. The national macro Color Reflective Fabric economic control, printing industry also before by the rapid growth of the return to normal gradually, Reflective Heat Transfer Film so annulus comparing also have fallen slightly.


Sun protection film and the beauty of God automotive anti-cancer relationship

   Sunny weather, the beauty who will not forget the sunscreen, "heavily armed" and then go out. The car also need the same care, sun burning, when the owners who bear the brunt of the election for the car is a car film. Do not panic, began to choose film, we may wish to take the time to Advertisement Grade Reflective Sheeting understand the beauty of the relationship between cancer and auto film.


On: glass curtain wall and its future direction status

 First, the drawbacks of conventional glass curtain wall

    With glass walls and a large number of applications over time, many in the "Glass House" in the office and residence of people found that despite Reflective flame retardant fabric the lightness of glass so that the building looks beautiful, simple and clean, but many of the shortcomings of glass curtain wall is also becoming increasingly apparent.



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