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Clean the case-the garage floor care scheme

Cement base ping need care

Cement base material qualitative characteristic decision, concrete floor is in use process will be affected by the outside world of damage. Due to wear, water erosion, weathering, concrete floor surface will appear on grey, powder change wait for a phenomenon, serious impact on the floor the appearance and the service life, Commercial Grade Reflective Film and to the surrounding air contamination. Concrete floor is in use process, because of its structure is relatively loose, absorb, seeping into the oil, carbon black, rubber pollutants such as ash, Engineering Grade Reflective Sheeting causing massive black, immersed floor, serious impact on the floor and the surrounding environment clean and beautiful. The surface once destroyed, in the future the repair will be more difficult. Engineering Grade Reflective Film The main issue is as follows:


SPExpo 2012 13 th Shanghai international screen printing exhibitions

The exhibition time 】 on March 27 to 29

The exhibition site 】 Shanghai everbright convention &exhibition center

The organizer 】 China business advertising association

China's advertising association neon advertising Advertisement Grade Reflective Sheeting branch


Safety glass, etc will in the future construction of China

Along with the construction energy conservation policy intensified efforts, building standardization management standard and glass industry, increase the level of science and technology, High Refractive Glass Beads Index 2.20 energy saving, safety glass and glass environmental protection glass will in the future architectural topping, play more and more big effect.


U.S. high-tech crystal force projection screen to create the wonderful world of nanotechnology

   You are not still in the "ordinary projection screen using a single reflection reflective material, in the absence of optical design would be a serious reflection on the phenomenon of diffuse reflection, resulting in color distortion, brightness is not enough" and distress; you are not still Engineering Grade Reflective Sheeting have a fantasy. " clear, detail-rich three-dimensional "projection screen; you are not still enveloped in the" realistic restore every wonderful moment, "the longing for being! Here, Engineering Grade Reflective Film evergreen tree top projection High Intensity Grade Reflective Sheeting screen manufacturing facility will provide you "may be the best you've seen the world and brush coating, multi-disciplinary high-tech polymer materials crystallization" - force the United States nano projection screen.

3M multi-line operations will lack the core competitive advantage

   "Diversity will allow enterprises covered in knife, but not a sharp?" This is the 3M company (English name Minnesota Miningand Manufacturing) Global Central Executive Committee, Greater China president Yu Junxiong often faced with the challenge.


China's textile surface materials and yarn industry "Fair"

   It is reported by the National Exhibition Co., Ltd. Guangdong Zhenwei host, Guangzhou International Textile City, Hong Chau co-brand the city, Guangdong Province, Korea Fashion Textile Association and the zipper Association supports the "11th Guangzhou International Exhibition of textile yarn and fabrics and accessories "will be held November 9, 2011 -11 days in Guangzhou, China ? Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex.


Whiteboard's depth of interpretation, "past life" and "life"

      As one of the necessary equipment for multi-media teaching, whiteboard products in the domestic market has experienced ten years of development. As early as 1997, there were already some international whiteboard brands in the Chinese market began to appear, but for various reasons, until the real start of 2007, high-speed development period, and has been showing a rapid growth momentum of development. In ten years time,Reflective Heat Transfer Film experienced copy-style whiteboard and interactive whiteboard two stages of development.


The fifth generation heat insulation membrane technology bring comprehensive cool and refreshing and comfortable

The American west in the Minnesota, the famous city of grain production, have a beautiful perceptual the good name of "milk blue water"; The rich product resources city but does not stop for science and technology of the steps to follow. In 1902, 3 M in Minnesota, Sao Paulo, to create the world famous product diversification as a multinational enterprise, 3 M to innovation, well known for car heat insulation membrane product development is particularly attention.


Small tools big role emergency tool and a car

It is hard to avoid accidents, if drive travel time when a problem? Hand tools, with no emergency to save his life can do nothing. These small tools may be small, but necessary at ordinary times when can play a significant role. See if the car emergency tool and a: can fold reflective warning marks, nylon rope,High Intensity Grade Reflective Film take a trailer electricity lead the, inverter, cotton work gloves, multi-function flashlight, vehicle fuse, fill fetal tools, waterproof and free tape, insulation tape, fire extinguisher, dozen air pump, which one of you?


Bright annealed stainless steel impact factors

     Annealed stainless steel tube determines the brightness of the quality of products. Factors is greater, this is probably listed five important factors for reference.
 1, the annealing temperature Reflective flame retardant fabric reaches the required temperature. Stainless steel heat treatment is generally taken to solution heat treatment, in which people are usually called "annealing" temperature range of 1040 ~ 1120 ℃ (Japanese standard). You can also observe the holes in the furnace, China Reflective Sheeting Manufacturer annealed stainless steel tube area should be incandescent state, but did not soften sagging.



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