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Ophthalmologist confirmed the visual impact of water pollution

     Water pollution, air pollution, noise pollution is that people are more familiar with the health hazards, but not all the time around us, reflective film threatening our light pollution, you know? It is damaging human bright eyes. According to experts, depending on the environment, light pollution and water pollution, air pollution, noise pollution, as would endanger human health.


Jilin 2012 Tenth International Public Security Products Expo

Start time: 2012-04-13
End time: 2012-04-15
Venue: Changchun International Convention and Exhibition Center
Contact: Chen Yingjie
Tel: 13756982890
Organizers: Jilin Province Public Security Industry Association
Sponsor: Northern Industrial Trade Fairs Ltd Victor Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., Changchun

Day tour to experience the perfect combination of excellent Mary insulation film Extreme

    : National Day holiday approaching, a rare seven-day holiday, a lot of riders want to take this opportunity to travel by car doubled, to an enjoyment of driving, reflective film the beauty of nature into the free-Benz, a car to enjoy the relaxing life. But it is worth mentioning that the weather has been getting into the fall, a strong light interference will affect the quality of your traveling by car, this time, the "energy security expert," said Mary insulating membrane excellent introduction supreme combination, and you accompanied, I believe that traveling by car will give you more fun experience.

Ultra short focal 3 D projection or LCD touch screen hao spectrum of education

1025 plan for the development of giving priority to mention strategic new industry, a new generation of information technology, energy conservation and environmental protection, new energy, biological, high-end equipment manufacturing, new materials industry, understandable will become the backbone industry,reflective film being. Return to education market, exceed short focal 3 D projection seems to want to join the education of "3 D o every potential of the education market swept; LCD touch screen nearly two years to an imposing, seems to have an electronic board instead become the new signs of growth; "Life and death are effectively" blue OR "blue" life and death JueLian, Hollywood seems to be in education of wonderful market launched blockbuster.


Green revolution innovation wonderful force beauty nano projection screen

Force beauty nanoscale hd truecolor optical film, use is the unique nano core technology. By DuoZhong high reflection nanometer powder, is made of optical, chemical,, mechanics, physics, metal science liquid interface, multi-layer coatings, printing and polymer material science high-tech crystallization.reflective film Three colors bring to light in vertical wavelength multilayer two sides direction, can prevent reduce scored two optical film multilayer optical properties, almost don't happen move, improve the color contrast, won the bright-coloured color image, is the international projection screen technology breakthroughs and qualitative leap.


How the formation of blood Yan? On the market teach you to clarify the true and false blood Yan

   "Noxious Yan" event is still fermenting.

    Last week, the focus of the weekly edition launched the "Bird's Nest: One with" blood "lies" published in the paper, the readers have call letters to express their views on the issue of blood Yan. Liu, a reader in to the "Nanfang Daily Health Weekly,reflective film " Sina official microblogging private letter admits, "read the report, the future does not dare to buy Bird's Nest!", While another reader said Chan, reflective sheeting bird's nest mask of still peel the layers, there is no nutritional bird's nest, can not eat, these are not yet conclusive, they will observe a period of time. The market reality is that near the Mid-Autumn Festival, the bustling high-end supplements the original nest counters, many have become desolate.


Solar traffic signs for the development of analysis

  Core Tip: Solar signs of the structure should have four elements: body, thin light weight, easy to replace the battery circuit, solar panels can be turned to the maximum water level of IP68.

    Solar traffic sign is a traffic sign by the sign face, sign plate, solar panels, controllers, light-emitting element (LED) components,reflective film with text and images to pass warnings, bans, instructions to drivers and pedestrians, with the management of road traffic safety. It gives the exact road users to road traffic information, so that smooth flow of road safety, drivers and pedestrians related to life and property security is an indispensable safety ancillary facilities.


Cheung Hing League Glitter products pose to life plus add color

   Cheung Hing Union Guangzhou Co., Ltd. (Guangzhou Haizhu Xianghui Garment Accessories Business Department) (company shop) is a professional printing company serving the domestic and foreign, to provide high-quality printed materials for domestic and foreign trade enterprises. Company printing materials, printing paste, white glue, gold and silver powder, luminous powder,High Refractive Index Glass Beads onion paste, transparent paste, foam slurry, a thickener, emulsifier, flashing silver, reflective powder reflective film product.


Saiful Trade reflective transfer film material to upgrade the leading varieties

  Industry & Trade Development Co., Ltd. reflective film on Haisai Fu was founded in 1998, reflective sheeting the company set research and development, production, sales, professional production of various reflective transfer products. The main products are reflective transfer film, reflective film lettering, lettering color reflective film, luminous film lettering, reflective powder.reflective fabric Widely used in clothing, shoes,reflective material hats, bags. Company has been High Refractive Glass Beads relying on advanced technology and scientific management, expanding product variety to upgrade, the application has been expanding.


Fuyang Yingquan government multimedia classroom projectors and other equipment tender Inquiry

   The center entrusted to purchase a number of inquiry procurement of goods, the relevant matters are as follows:
First, note:

1, the supplier should be inquiry business license, tax registration certificate (copy a) with respect to the following list of goods and procurement requirements, retroreflective material March 15, 2011 at 9:30 am prior to the Centre make a one-time written offer (the unit price, total price).



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