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Low price direct the type LED backlighting rob city LCD TV brewing upheavals

A few days ago, always with side into the way as the leading light type technology line of samsung will be announced in mainland China gradually exit CCFL LCD TV market backlighting, comprehensive promotion of low-cost direct the type LED backlighting LCD TV, let it become the first announced to stop selling CCFL backlit LCD TV's color television enterprise, which caused an uproar industry. Many insiders have predicted, with global mainstream TV manufacturers the change of strategy, this have low power consumption and low cost of the direct the type backlit LCD TV's city, is expected to pull directly LED backlighting the penetration of liquid crystal TV, so as to improve productivity of structural surplus LED industry situation.


Electronic board teaching equipment continuously improve teaching efficiency

Electronic board in the school teaching plays a very important role: and the traditional blackboard's "a brush that is not" compared to electronic board to real-time records, save the whole process of teaching and learning, the teacher can always call the computer storage of classroom teaching material, retroreflective material do not need to worry about the content of the blackboard writing can't again. And now our teachers in the classroom, the extensive use of the "computer + projector" than teaching instrument,vehicle marking Tape electronic board allowed the teacher in the classroom according to the student learning easy to adjust, modify teaching plan, and to keep update your electronic lesson plans.Advertisement Grade Reflective Sheeting At the same time, electronic board can make teachers and students in classroom teaching realization of positive interaction, and help to improve the students' interest in learning inspired. Commercial Grade Reflective Film The projector screen than short coke is only "invariable"Engineering Grade Reflective Sheeting display content more suitable for diversification and creative teaching need teaching.


Let the car regardless of season: opal nano ceramic car membrane

Now many friends winter bought a new car, but in the choice of paster many questions when, not sure whether can let the winter, whether to need to patch. We will these questions some professionals, Hi

Marking the first batch of paint selected Ministry of Transportation Certification

  "The first certified products directory traffic," including the Ministry of Transport and the National Certification and Accreditation Administration jointly issued by nine categories approved 58 products:

     High Refractive Glass Beads Index 2.20 1 car trailer parts and accessories: trailer axles, trailer supporting device;


5.0-inch touch screen any time I travel lift 1560 National Hot Storm

  Golden Holiday fleeting, leaving us, charming Autumn, beautiful memories and vivid a picture of the smiling faces. During this period, GPS market has also ushered in a sales frenzy, where I swam 1560 much consumer attention, reason: first, the product has a high cost; Second: I swim a free upgrade launch activities.Commercial Grade Reflective Film Gold sales in the quarter, which is called a "Little Prince" Any time I visit New pocketed the attention of consumers, merchants sought after and media alike, Engineering Grade Reflective Sheeting across the country set off a hot storm.

New heat-reflective insulation coatings research and development Xingshao Qing Guangdong Institute of Building Materials

    Abstract: Thermal radiation heat insulation coating has a strong effect of the launch, more and more attention. This article outlines the features heat reflective coating of progress at home and abroad, and made the future direction of development.


Million HD Lens: The key technology is to enhance the core product

  Introduction: the prevalence of high-definition, when the project is to protect the camera operators realize an important part of image quality, its choice of the lens is relatively strict, resulting in around the lens clarity and lens manufacturers continue to invest in image quality. With the increase in applications million high-definition camera, traditional camera's optical imaging camera megapixels can not meet the effects of high-definition effect,reflective film millions of high-definition CCTV camera is also accelerating the application step. HD camera market will become a major competitive trends, the ability to keep up with the pace of high-definition monitor will determine the outcome of the competition.

100 national auto supplies store to visit the terminal 3M R & D Center

  Recently, organized by the HC network terminal 100 national auto supplies store to visit the 3M China R & D center. Which many people still end shops first came to 3M research center. On the one hand, by visiting the exhibition 3M, learned a lot of advanced research and development technology, on the other hand,Engineering Grade Reflective Film 3M automotive products field head end shops with people face to face communication, to achieve a win-win results.


Prose launch new energy saving LED lighting outstanding

    As we all know, Prose Electric (China) Co., Ltd. is focused on one of the few HID products, and domestic and foreign many well-known lighting brands have cooperation, but also committed to the development of more efficient lighting products. Through the efforts of the entire team, recently launched new LED, domestic and overseas sales. The main indoor lighting and outdoor lighting covering the two major product lines: from MR16, TG3W, TG5W Color Reflective Fabric , TG7W, TG9W, TG12W, PAR20, PAR30, PAR38 composed of indoor lighting series, mainly used to replace traditional incandescent lighting , halogen and fluorescent lamps; by the FG10W,Reflective Heat Transfer Film FG20W, FG30W, FG50W, FG70W, GK28W composed of outdoor lighting series, can be used to replace the low power metal halide lamps and sodium products.


Reflective Material Factory Shenzhen University: to the world stage in China

   Abstract factory area of ??10,000 square meters, with the latest international equipment, strong R & D application ability, excellent design, advanced technology and strong plate production management systems; 3 separate production lines, annual production capacity of 160 million square meters .. .... reform and opening up,High Refractive Glass Beads Index 1.93 from scratch, China's first, industry leaders, international standards, these keywords is China's first holographic anti-counterfeiting business --- 25 years, Shenzhen University, reflective material factory in miniature.



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