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The color of the car to stick up analytical technology coated change color

Along with the development of China's automobile market, individual motor vehicle quantities rose began to rise, and have a private car is not as decades ago that unreachable, pursue personalized young owner also more and more. This kind of phenomenon led to the rise of China's automobile refitting industry. In fact the early car modification is mainly by ascending power, improve control is given priority to, and it will need a lot of money to support "vehicle" High Refractive Glass Beads in many people's eyes is unreachable.


Integrated ceiling purchase process you must know the key words

     Integrated ceiling building materials industry is a more specific industry, it is younger than the other sectors, consumers do not know much of the ceiling, High Refractive Glass Beads causing many owners to buy an integrated ceiling decoration has a kind of no start feeling, for the majority of small series Interpretation of the purchase process of consumers should pay attention to the ceiling of keywords to help consumers purchase ceiling in the course of time to find an entry point.


2011 Fifth International green lighting technology and the new light show

Show Date 2011-11-24 to 2011-11-26
Suzhou city on display
Suzhou Industrial Park Address contemporary exhibition Expo Square Boulevard
Suzhou International Expo Center Hall Name
Organizers Jiangsu Engineering Research Center for the green light optoelectronics industry in Jiangsu, East China LED Industry Association Information Network-day exhibition of international media organizations Creek

Crazy Crab coupons: up to several times the price artificially high difference gives short trip rules

   This year's crab filling coupons crazy - Tongchuan fish market close to the road, without exception, selling crab crab store coupons, shop, said one of the supermarket has been sold in the tens of thousands; buy site this year, also joined the ranks of ticket sales crab , the end of August this year,High Refractive Glass Beads the activities of a buy crab coupons to attract more than 60,000 people actually buy, 3 days "pre" about 70 tons of crabs, face value of more than 1400 million ... ... crab season this year, crazy crab coupons swept away far more than in previous years. Industry sources say the sale of tickets in 2011 crab, whether quantitative or from the price, are "the most crazy decade."


Great variety to buy laminate flooring should pay attention to the relevant standards

     Laminate flooring market is increasingly showing more size, more style, more diversified development trend demand level, greater consumer choice. "Pursuit of wood texture" and stressed that the surface structure characteristics, antique-style laminate flooring and other new products listed. Some laminate flooring products in the real surface texture of natural wood, natural wood texture to make the product significantly retroreflective material ; some products of special surface treatment to the floor no longer appears directly reflective surface, soft surface allows users to feel more comfortable .


"Energy diminished brightness" to create a new energy saving ideas

   Frequent occurrence in the country behind the incident power shortage, energy saving has become a topic had to face seriously, how to achieve energy-saving lighting has become a universal issue. Statistics show that China's electricity consumption for lighting accounts for about 12% of the total electricity consumption, Engineering Grade Reflective Film more than 4,000 billion kwh,High Intensity Grade Reflective Sheeting equivalent to almost a year's electricity consumption across the UK.


17 months waiting for Bank Negara first evaluation 3G Apple iPad 2

    Code words: from one generation to the second generation after 17 months of long waiting time, Apple has finally settled Chinese carriers, crossed the threshold of all, the official release version of Apple's domestic licensed 3G iPad 2. To meet with you about the upcoming 3G version of Apple's line of country iPad 2, we have the following few questions:


Reflective tape to promote China's road marking material revolution

A high performance highway reflector tape in the successful development of the product, zhu state by the Chinese academy of sciences products that traffic transportation center, Color Reflective Fabric the technical indicators detect maintain achieved the international similar product standards and fills up the domestic blank of this technology. At present, this kind of tape a year can improve 8000 kilometers of road signs.


Painting Knowledge: simple paint paint touch-up painting and maintenance methods

   We often scratch the paint for the car to do and how to ask questions, so Xiaobian collected some information through the order be modified to send it to, but let us look at the way the whole process of spray paint, and touch-up painting The common sense approach and simple maintenance.


System and the real distance of three miniature truck industry

    Read Qingzhao "Wuling Spring" friends can recall:

    Done live in dustreflective material and the wind fragrant, evening tired hair. Changed everything off, the first flow of tears like language.



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