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Five new functional coatings to surface

Five new functional coatings to surface

Promote the reform and innovation of the coating technology has been coating industry insiders of the fight for the vane. At present, in the person of the research work hard coating, several new functional coatings have come out, once roll out, that attention.


Classification of Road Marking Paint and Construction Notes

  Yang Fengheng (Henan Institute of Science and Technology Transportation Co., Ltd., Henan Province, Zhengzhou 450000)

    Abstract: Based on many years of experience, described in detail the performance requirements of marking, classification and thermoplastic paint marking paint construction considerations and other issues.


Ware decoration materials useful buying guide to purchase three techniques

  Busy and stressful modern urban life, a warm home can give everyone the most relaxing leisure time. But how to get home to become warm and comfortable? Once you master a few tricks,Reflective flame retardant fabric you can easily create a pleasant home. Xiaobian prepared for you from home improvements to home decoration and a series of fashion information to help you have a comfortable life.

Management situation of many urban development led to the siege of the glass curtain wall

   In the past month, the Shanghai under a rain of glass at least eight''''not only in Shanghai this summer, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Qingdao and other cities are also frequent rain''glass''. Spate of glass curtain wall After the crash blew the phenomenon worrying.


hold live: Personalized decoration earn enough to keep returning to your car

   Enough to make your car "seductive", the owner who has taken great pains to car fitted with a large bag circle, put the tail, for alloy wheels and so busy for a while after the effect is really good, in the street make a lot of "second glance" . But for most owners, so naturally some conversion costs low. So, is there Hua Xiaoqian eye-catching as your car moves, not to mention, we have been careful search, Advertisement Grade Reflective Sheeting found at the auto parts market, Commercial Grade Reflective Film a lot of really cute "little things."


Rail traffic coatings industry can drive to develop

Since the 1960 s, Beijing formal operation since the first line, by the end of last year, China has 12 cities in the operational article 48 urban rail transit, the total mileage nearly 1400 kilometers. In addition, there are 36 cities in the application, and most have been building a written reply to a subordinate, get the national is starting an orbit transportation construction boom, "at the end of the 1025" rail traffic total mileage is expected to double. Rail transit developing, will surely promote the development of a series of industry, including the paint industry. Commercial Grade Reflective Film Rail traffic in addition to subway car coating, including platform outside, tunnel and other supporting Settings are need to use a lot of coating. To meet the needs of security, urban rail traffic coatings used the following five aspects need to meet the requirements:


Triangle R & D cooperation with foreign universities tire rubber

    High Refractive Glass Beads Index 2.20 According to sources, China's largest tire manufacturer in the United States triangle tires and set up a wholly owned subsidiary A3T LLC will work with the University of Akron UA (University of Akron) and the University of Akron Research Foundation UARF High Refractive Glass Beads Index 1.93 (University of Akron Research Foundation) cooperation negative development of rubber and some technical problems.


uv flatbed machine direction of the market analysis and development of the field

   Flatbed machine design and manufacture of the original purpose for printing rigid materials, which uses environmentally friendly UV inks, inkjet technology can only be broken through the soft material in print restrictions in a few centimeters thickHigh Refractive Glass Beads rigid high-quality print media, the main application is located in the screen printing market in the short-term cheaper alternative, truly digital printing into the industrial breakthrough.


Efficient and portable light show ThinkPad X1 Trial Notes

       ThinkPad X1 is a subversive sense of black, backlit keyboard, slim, strong standard-voltage processors, fully equipped with interface design,High Refractive Glass Beads Index 1.93 convenient quick charge features are its highlights. Top with the version of the ThinkPad X1 we have been a professional performance tests. But performance is one thing, Hazard Warning Tape the actual use of experience is another matter, ThinkPad X1 in practical applications which will not come out the details of the evaluation test it, after less than Color Reflective Fabric a week before and after the use of accumulated time, I have on ThinkPad X1 a more specific view, the following will bring you ThinkPad X1 trial Notes.



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