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Qujing thebody shop do more license plate "easy to let" of live

A few days ago, a black car caused XuanWeiShi traffic police brigade the attention of the public security bureau of traffic police: he see to license plate for cloud D30 * * *, among them "3" but some don't generally, with the hand a pick, "3" word unexpectedly from "iron plate a piece of" license plate of the falls off revealing it was really: "U". Originally, the owner use a "change, magnet", once speeding, road, from the electronic eyes could not find him. And evening news reporter visit qujing car beauty found half part, knowing it illegal, but many car hairdressing to reporter suggested that can help customize various covered card "" equipment.


Our country label testing equipment market development situation study

Machine vision printing quality detection is a simulation method and artificial detection judge logic, but at the same time it has higher precision and better consistency of automation test methods. Both can satisfy the modern drug label printing of high quality and highly efficient requirements, and has the good flexible adjustment function, meet the tag personalized customer detection level requirements; At the same time, from the point of view of enterprise production management is concerned, its special test results storage, analysis and communication function can be easily embedded enterprise ERP system,High Refractive Index Glass Beads...

China nison: hand in hand to do reflective material industry leading enterprise

In nowadays society purchasing products can also said that difficult is difficult, said that simple simple also, see you how to find save time, energy, and the cost of the three provinces of province purchasing mode. as domestic famous B2B e-commerce sites, for the majority of suppliers and buyers to build cooperation bridge. Buying and selling the is core network products, provide customers with doing business on the Internet, "the integrity of business partners platform, enterprise can not only through the sale of the established set product exhibition, enterprise marketing, online negotiation, reflective fabric...

Hangzhou one stick car products Co., LTD

By the dolphins and whales have anti-fouling such giants of the skin of the Marine animals inspiration, Singapore science and technology research (A * STAR) subordinate nano stamping industrial union (ICON) researchers are using nanometer technology development does not contain the chemical synthesis antibacterial skin.


The guangzhou branch "JK American compound high power gain screen" listed

A: new products on the market: march launch entry-level "American gain composite screen >

JK international suggest 1600 lumens the following see 3 D can consider to use this new type: HD-W2H, this new product is not we have been criticism of the poor quality of metal, also not the folk of bead light, is a the United States imports composite high power gain the tabernacle of the congregation, over the past year we repeated testing a lot of both at home and abroad LiaoChang provide metal materials as well as curtain of bead light materials are not used in JK international products, because of metal of bead light above and have serious light and dark reflective distortion, even bright place see no images, Engineering Grade Reflective Sheeting...

Car repair coating spraying operation technology

XiaoJun dongfeng automobile company, hubei shiyan 442002

Abstract: this paper reviewed the automobile repair coating before spraying the preparations and car repair coating spray paint the adjustment of the gun, and car repair coating spray paint the Advertisement Grade Reflective Sheeting use of guns; It points out the coating process of the dangers of mist sprayer, processing and maintenance.


Bengbu became the first glass ITO conductive film glass production base

Bengbu glass industry annual value of more than 30 to. Recently, reporters from the municipal development and reform commission, the committee believe that, bengbu in recent years emphatically exert the weeds and clam independent innovation reform region the advantages of the policy, and actively expand and deepen foreign strategic cooperation,Engineering Grade Reflective Sheeting to speed up the glass industry the development step, Engineering Grade Reflective Film initially formed in ordinary glass, pv glass, glass, glass display new materials and glass equipment, as a representative of the industrial development pattern, glass industrial output value has reached more than 30 one hundred million yuan.


Old yellow! The laptop screen sep something

On a laptop, it display screen is its "face", and "face" if anyone is not hanged so bad, but in when purchasing notebook except when we check without scoring, reflective film without the screen display window outside the dark spots quickly buy. In addition, in use process most users are not how to maintain the screen, and even some friends the use environment reflective sheeting of very bad, notebook screen to the service life of the affected.


Make good use of natural light to make a surprised agent's works

Natural light is we the photographer nature to the best gift, make good use of natural light can make a surprised agent's works, but also is very light master for how to use good today to introduce some natural light, believe that will help you! In the light of the early morning mist goo goo, often that is a clear day,Engineering Grade Reflective Sheeting tend to have excellent light at conditions.Engineering Grade Reflective Film In this light conditions. Shoot color temperature will be constantly warming, be taken body after golden sunshine illuminate, will become a pleasant warm color to move.


Changzhou Hua increase of 1.2 billion to build Asia's largest production base of reflective film

    Is listed as National Torch Program national key new products and products of Changzhou Hua Sheng Reflective Material Co., reflective film industry projects,Color Reflective Fabric 26 in Wujin Chow formal implementation of the new factory. Municipal Committee, Party Secretary Chen Ruiqing Wujin and assistant mayor Wang Chengbin guests as well as national and provincial departments, implementation of the project attended the ceremony.



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