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DaBing the changes of market who can "spell" out of the future

The rapid development of China's electronics industry DaBing joining together to appear put several premier league clubs, schools of thought contend scene. No matter the home or the overseas enterprise "had" China has a huge market of the future. Because domestic joining together DaBing enterprise started late, a considerable number of market share has been international brand occupies, such as: samsung, panasonic, SONY, JVC, LG, etc. In order to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, also appeared a batch of certain strength of domestic manufacturers, such as nanjing the emperor, guangdong ring stone,vehicle marking Tape...

Jinan: CheJian paster have standard light transmittance to over seventy percent

According to shandong radio and TV station channel television life for life "help" report, summer is coming, many drivers friends to heat insulation, in the glass on the bus on the skin. Post later, it is actually pretty dark, the results of the car was told not qualified. Reporters take you into today CheJian line, tell you how to correct the skin, a CheJian through.


Diamond paint construction method and storage of note briefly reviewed

Diamond paint, is due in the surface in the construction with sticky, or in the paint with a within "man-made diamond makings" and of the formation of a coating varieties, "diamond coating" "diamond paint" is the coating brand name. Besides having general diamond paint, true copy stone paint the outside effect, the biggest characteristic is to increase its the diamonds reflective effect, making it more beautiful and increases the road traffic and outdoor use light warning, the labeling effect and indoor and outdoor use of beautiful, luxurious effect.


Nano technologies give plastic "natural" antibacterial skin

By the dolphins and whales have anti-fouling such giants of the skin of the Marine animals inspiration, Singapore science and technology research (A * STAR) subordinate nano stamping industrial union (ICON) researchers are using nanometer technology development does not contain the chemical synthesis antibacterial skin.


Low-e glass of energy-saving building how famous everywhere?

"1025" energy conservation planning of the upcoming law, let more and more construction glass production enterprise see high quality energy conservation in door window curtain wall glass industry can be widely used opportunity. As the pilot glass building energy efficiency, with the south bo how new products and new technology? In consumer awareness of environmental protection and energy saving growing China, south bo and brought to the industry which is worth using for reference ideas?


Changchun 15 th advertising and LED lighting expo opening

2012 changchun 15 th advertising and LED lighting fair March 8 changchun international conference and exhibition center held, will be held from changchun international lighting fair and LED application exhibition. The expo, for three days, the exhibition the total scale of 12000 square meters, over 250 enterprises in the exhibition, exhibition upper are emerging one after another of the new technology, new equipment for changchun advertising industry will increase JinTian embroidery.


Clean the case-the garage floor care scheme

Cement base ping need care

Cement base material qualitative characteristic decision,retroreflective material concrete floor is in use process will be affected by the outside world of damage. Due to wear, water erosion, weathering, concrete floor surface will appear on grey, powder change wait for a phenomenon, serious impact on the floor the appearance and the service life, and to the surrounding air contamination. Concrete floor is in use process, vehicle marking Tape because of its structure is relatively loose, absorb, seeping into the oil, carbon black, rubber pollutants such as ash, causing massive black, immersed floor, serious impact on the floor and the surrounding environment clean and beautiful. The surface once destroyed, in the future the repair will be more difficultAdvertisement Grade Reflective Sheeting . The main issue is as follows:


High au new material polyurethane adhesive application fields gradually expand

High au new material is domestic polyurethane adhesives industry leading, application gradually expand. The company is the largest composite polyurethane adhesives production enterprise, plastic flexible packaging series products are the main products of the company, accounting for 90% of the gross revenues and to the left. In 2010, the company in the field of plastic soft packing a 6.5% market share, in China the first; Ink bond materials, GaoTieYong polyurethane adhesives,reflective material reflective material with polyurethane adhesives and so on the new product in the market share and front row. The company product to involve 8 big industry and ten several segments of the field, offering the project scale for 22000 tons for, on the one hand, the will to functional plastic flexible packaging, printing ink binding material, High Refractive Glass Beads high iron, reflective cloth existing products in high profitability in the high-end product expansion, on the other hand will also expand the solar cell encapsulation, lithium ion battery special material,High Refractive Index Glass Beads household electrical appliances such as panel emerging field. retroreflective material Among them, the resistance to pesticides flexible packaging series products of medium and reflective material with adhesive are for import substitution.


Little common sense: LCD TV television put problems face interview

Liquid crystal TV TV interview questions put face: space piece

How LCD TV set? Is not to move back on the cabinet for a while to the wall hanging? If you still think so of words, that the author tell you, yet you can't use the TV. Although the average family is what television put some users DVD and further even a computer to play a game, but the TV put but many details exquisite and application of the techniques. Commercial Grade Reflective Film To more scientific and reasonable use of flat TV, Engineering Grade Reflective Sheeting to extend product use period, be a real players, it can be more knowledge. Don't believe it? ! That you continue to look down and see if you use at ordinary times when to do much, and how much do wrong.


Let the car QuanGongLve teach you how to choose and anti-blast film

It is the major role block uv, cut off part of heat and prevent glass sudden burst of hurt, to happen, and according to the TaiYangMo one-way perspective performance, to protect the privacy of personal purposes. In addition, it can also reduce car items and the personnel for uv radiation of the damage in some areas, to save fuel consumption effect.



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