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Latex paint glass beads and reflective film glass composition

Latex paint glass examples are qualitative Address fractional barium Chin glass prepared glass beads of the refractive index of 1.9-2.0, taking into account the chemical and mechanical properties, as contain large amounts of Ba and TiO2, glass generated body content less High Intensity Grade Reflective Film glass. Roughly the mass fraction of BaO 50%, T102 30% - .35%, 10% -15% of the glass-generating body and the intermediate oxide. Glass easy crystallization by rapid cooling method to solve. Glass composition listed in Table Chin barium glass progress to improve the the demolition reflectivity, high Khin Khin barium glass. TiO2 too little early had leaded glass manufacturing glass secret special not environmental pollution, automobile exhaust and glass for months to change the color, now do not. Containing rare earth oxides, pounds formate High Refractive Glass Beads Index 1.93 of glass, except special needs, less use of prime quality k-index glass beads High Refractive Glass Beads Index 2.20 and reflective film quality and the indicators waves enamel beads refractive index glass beads, at home and abroad control the deviation of the refractive index of the specified value 10.010 complicated measurement of the refractive index of the glass beads, the refractive index of the glass beads, the refractive index of the amount of bulk glass side. Thermal history affect the refractive index of the glass the flame injection pentyl ball glass beads due to rapid cooling, the refractive index is low, can be in glass T, the following heat treatment, and the folding elbow rate was uniform. Other quality indicators include devitrification, like control of the most important indicators of the acute angle, twin, oval glass beads, accounting for less than 4% of the total number of reflective film reflective film 5% IQ the inverse reflection coefficient, the reverse unit area per unit of illuminance the intensity of the reflected light, cd / custodial shear Smee 2 [cd / hc "mz A and observation angle measured by special instruments designed in accordance with international standards in a given incident.

Jinan: CheJian paster have standard light transmittance to over seventy percent

According to shandong radio and TV station channel television life for life "help" report, summer is coming, many drivers friends to heat insulation, in the glass on the bus on the skin. Post later, it is actually pretty dark, the results of the car was told not qualified. Reporters take you into today CheJian line, tell you how to correct the skin, a CheJian through.


China car ChuangMo market to practitioners of six thinking

Because working reason, I often travel all over the country, so also met some of the same friends, some of these friends do very good, some do generally, some have been in this business for more than ten years, have a plenty of the first steps into the industry, but after some contact and after talking, I have a very intuitive feel, I found in contact counterparts in, really understand the film very few people, whether the boss or construction technician, this let me in after surprise, and lost in thought:

Integration ceiling plank roller coating board products knowledge understanding

Integration ceiling the installation will use to gusset plate, gusset plate has many categories, in addition to regular aluminous gusset plate accident, roller coating board is also in the gusset plate than a common. Roller coating boards are divided into topcoat, primer, back paint, paint it back several, roller coating webmaster if played the antioxidant effect, make its service life is longer.


Yiwu intelligent automotive heat insulation cover foreign car rushed to wear

"After half a year of continuous development and perfect, intelligent automotive heat insulation cover already began gradually to Europe and the Middle East and export." Yesterday, reporters from yiwu love f industrial Co., LTD. To understand, although this product wholesale price of $360, but to come to order a continuous stream of foreign buyers still.


Why three points frequency is the future of the mainstream of the room speakers?

Why to say "three points frequency is the future of the room speakers mainstream" and "room top grade mark"?

Three points frequency sound box is to point to by the high,vehicle marking Tape medium, or high, low, the super high and so on the different frequency response characteristics of the speaker of the assembly and unit into the band sound box.


2012 The 11th China (Shanghai) Textile fabrics and accessories fair

  It is reported that "2012 The 11th China (Shanghai) Textile Fabrics & Accessories Exhibition" will be held 5-7 March 2012 exhibition at the Shanghai Pudong Expo (State Fair Road No. 1099) at.

    Time: 5-7 March 2012


Electronics to read the new trend of low-carbon Instinct cited

       In China, the industries have accelerated the move towards "low-carbon age" pace, not developed in the culture, publishing and other industries, "low carbon" process is not far behind. "Low-carbon publication", "low-carbon reading" High Refractive Glass Beads has become the industry of the new term, coming into view, leading the development of the industry to become the new fashion.


Avery Dennison admitted bribery in China, Wuxi, police say "not me"

    → sticker giant "by the Ministry of Public Security Traffic Management Sciences awarded the contract."

    → Engineering Grade Reflective Film It is reported that, "Ministry of Public Security Traffic Management Research Institute" in Wuxi


Derivatives of unsaturated polyester resins in the coatings industry applications

   Different multi-acid and polyols can be synthesized by different types and characteristics of unsaturated polyester resins. The use of synthetic polyester resin straight-chain polyols and polycarboxylic acids, synthesized resin has a linear structure,High Refractive Index Glass Beads flexibility is very good, everyday life and work come into contact with the nylon is a typical linear polyester. The most commonly used coatings industry is saturated polyester resin containing terminal hydroxyl groups of the polyester resin with the isocyanate,retroreflective material amino resin crosslinking resin film. Performance of different ingredients to make different contributions to resin, raw material selection depends on the resin performance requirements, select the appropriate energy performance required by the resin material help, vehicle marking Tape from providing functional, hardness, soft sewing and other aspects to consideration.



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