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3D interactive projection and touch screen flanked electronic whiteboard

As the electronic board within a few years of rapid growth and the projector products of its own profit fell small profits, and to promote the research and development of new products manufacturer projection policeman to respond to the electronic board take education this "big cake". After a few years of precipitation, projection and use the 3 D manufacturer mining of three-dimensional teaching effect and its "to", 3 D interactive teaching scheme in the application of competition is born. As is known to all, 3 D is becoming one kind of educational trends, add interactive projection function of the perfect collocation, will become the future of the classroom teaching of a big mainstream tendency. The new technology will give the presence or electronic board to bring a lot of impact, but as technology constantly mature, who decides? Interactive electronic board and 3 D interactive projection certainly will have a "set" of the decisive battle!


The future development trend of white market: flat board

Electronic board product is a depend on electricity, magnetic, optical media achieve precise touch positioning, reach a certain writing performance multimedia demo equipment.

Along with the development of technology, and the scope of application of expansion, the defects of the traditional electronic board and more obvious in the performance and engineering form has the obvious defects, especially writing performance has not come up to the level of the traditional fluent, the actual use of the simple interaction often can only operate and key circle solution; Complex wiring project, because the traditional white board also need the projector screen,retroreflective material...

DaBing the changes of market who can "spell" out of the future

The rapid development of China's electronics industry DaBing joining together to appear put several premier league clubs, schools of thought contend scene. No matter the home or the overseas enterprise "had" China has a huge market of the future. Because domestic joining together DaBing enterprise started late, a considerable number of market share has been international brand occupies, such as: samsung, panasonic, SONY, JVC, LG, etc. In order to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, also appeared a batch of certain strength of domestic manufacturers, such as nanjing the emperor, guangdong ring stone, zhuhai stone, etc, they break was joining together DaBing market by foreign enterprise monopoly pattern. 2000 years later,High Refractive Glass Beads...

The 14 th jinjiang international shoes made from weathering the industry

April 11,-" jinjiang shoes the world, and the world jinjiang shoes ". On April 19 to 22 in the "Chinese shoes are" jinjiang held the 14 th Chinese (jinjiang) international shoes industry exposition (hereinafter referred to as "shoes expo") to the collapse of such new coordinates.


Sign the first brand! In addition to wing posted ETIEshow! Who else

Hangzhou one stick car products Co., LTD

First, hangzhou one stick pursue "extreme perfect" the design concept, in line with "every one is a work of art to the aim of";

Second, is the only one in China, the collection vehicle-logo,retroreflective material...

Bright colours the strong luminosity road marking paint is recommended

Along with the economic activity is more and more frequent, China Reflective Sheeting Manufacturerthe increasingly serious traffic jam, road traffic accidents increase year by year, urgent to social problems, road traffic line is based on provisions line, arrows, text, elevation mark, bumps signposts or other orientation device, row in a pavement or other facilities, to control traffic and dispersed traffic flow guidance of facilities. It will be the way of fixed base intelligence across to the vehicles and pedestrians, especially to driver is particularly important. Major in road traffic line designated surface, has weathered, snow to freeze, suffered from vehicle impact abrasion, Reflective Heat Transfer Film...

Promote the application of paint coating plastic components Prospects

Xiao Yan (Guangdong Jiangmen chemical materials company, Jiangmen 529100)

    Abstract: The plastic coating should have the performance and promotion prospects.

    Keywords: plastic; accessories; reflective film coating; coating; coating protection; application


In their first industry-force beauty nano projection screen

Force beauty to the nanometer level hd truecolor optical film, use is unique nano core technology. By a variety of high reflecting made of nanometer powder, is optical, chemistry, metal science, mechanics, physics, liquid interface, multi-layer coatings, printing and polymer material science high-tech crystallization. reflective film Three colors bring to light in vertical wavelength multilayer two sides into the direction, can prevent the lower layers of the two sides optical film optical properties,reflective sheeting almost don't happen color shift, improve the color contrast, reflective fabric won the bright image, is the international projection screen technology breakthroughs and qualitative leap.


Each new glass or future building materials market will be popular

Along with the construction energy conservation policy intensified efforts, building standardization management standard and glass industry, increase the level of science and technology,High Intensity Grade Reflective Film energy saving, safety glass and glass environmentalHigh Refractive Glass Beads Index 2.20 protection glass will in the future architectural topping, play more and more big effect.


Yibin city was the third president of Global Technology Award of major

       To implement the scientific concept of development, science and technology workers to stimulate innovation and passion for building innovative Yibin,High Intensity Grade Reflective Film Yibin municipal government has made ??significant scientific and technological achievements of recent years and the economic and social development of Yibin City, High Refractive Glass Beads Index 2.20 to make a significant contribution to the party secretary of Global Group , chairman, president and Peng Guochang other four comrades Yibin City, the third major technology grant Award.



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